Thursday, June 11, 2020

I'm still here

I'm currently learning how to play the Hunter Beast Master spec after all these years.

I just got my first Spirit Beast pet thanks to Babybug w00t!

I've also Joined Ravenclaw's Discord from his YouTube channel.

This week is Darkmoon Faire so I'm busy taking everyone there.

Thursday, November 28, 2019

My 'toons rundown and Remembering Vier in "her" spot

An introduction of my 'toons and links to the guild and my own discord servers.

I started playing WoW because I ran out of excuses. My daughter, Vier, had wanted me to play for a while and I finally acquiesced to her request.

Note: I had never played a video game, computer game, online game - nothing! I even used to delete Solitaire off my first computers to make hard drive space. The learning curve was steep!

Noritam aka Nor aka Nori
Retribution Paladin level 120
My Main Gal - Lover of Dresses.
A Girly Girl who kicks ass, orcs, and Tallstriders, Plainstiders and any other big, gangly bird.

If you look back to the beginning of the blog, where my daughter Vier documented my thoughts before I even entered the game my stated goals, which remain true to this day were and are:
...  that’s what I want to do, I want to help other players ... A paladin is always useful and I want to be useful. Healers are the only reason that I would ever consider playing. ... healers - hide around the corner and stay alive so you can help.  ’the best thing I can do in a battle is hide and not get dead and not attack anybody’.

Day One: Nov. 27, 2013. I spent a lot of time RP walking because the default run speed was "way too fast". This would not be the last time Vier regretted inviting her mother into the game LOL!

Second-in-Command: Sushel

Sushel - BM Hunter level 117
Currently working on the Draenor Pathfinder and BfA Pathfinder.
- Alt1: Vier made me make a Hunter. A Fearless,  No-Nonsense, All Business Beer Lover.
Name explanation in the comments of the link. Not ashamed to say that I enjoy playing a Hunter now.

Vier talked me into using the 90 boost for "the sheer amusement factor".  Why, oh why, do I let her talk me into these things?

My Priest: Seelybrook

Seelybrook - Disc. Priest level 116
Passively levelling through herbalism and world events.
- Alt2: Love me some Nelfs. A quiet, shy, girly girl who loves all things coloured purple.
Starting Seely for professions & Real Life Disruption [hospital & chronic illness].

About Seely's name:
When she was first created her name was Saelybrooke, which I hated having to type. Shortly before she died, Vier talked me into a server change for an "adventure" and Saelybrooke was already in use so I gleefully changed her name to Seelybrook. After Vier died, I decided to bring her back home to Undermine and got to keep the name change.

DH Sal aka Sallaana

Sallaana - Havoc Demon Hunter level 112

- Kickin' Ass 'n Takin' Names. Sal is supposed to be working on Legion Pathfinder, but I find the DH Class Hall a nightmare. I started Sal during the pre-Legion days and I enjoy playing her.
Recently someone in the guild mentioned that they like playing a DH and did so through all of Legion, maybe they can help me with the class hall and I can get back to work with Sal.

Soozuu aka Me!

Soozuu - Protection Paladin level  65

- Tank Experience, a Gathering Specialist, dipping a toe into PvP.
The day I caught Old Ironjaw and discovered you can't hide in WoW.
Soozuu was my first Bank Alt and I don't know why I started levelling her but I did and I use her for my tentative forays into PvP.

Soozuu's personality is the closest to the 'real' me and so is her name. When I first went online in '99 the big thing was 'never use your real name' and my online persona for years was Zoo.

Because she was to be a 'throw-away' toon and never used for anything real in-game I gave her my real name plus my internet name. Unfortunately, that was already taken so the spelling distortion resulted in what you see.


Sazzil - Subtlety Rogue level 115

- Checking out the Other Side, The Dark Side of the Sun
Gabbing in Guild Chat one night, we got to talking about playing Horde characters and that we had a sister guild over there.

Whoa! So many things we take for granted become new adventures. Finding our way around the main city, flight masters, zeppelins instead of boats, heck even getting to the Darkmoon Faire is an adventure when you're stowed in a city on a different continent and you can't find your way out the front door to get back "home" to Orgrimmar!

Canadian Bankers: Serran

Serran - The Canadian Bankers Guild. This time creating a bank alt I chose a character I would never want to play, chose a spec that I would never want to level and got him his own guild. Ser is officially and forever our Banker.

Noritam's Discord

Noritam's Nexus
My very small sever on Discord
Some Wow, some Crafts, lots of Cats and silliness.

Guild Discord

Of The Sun
The Guild Server on Discord

Remembering Vier

Last but not least, Remembering Vier at "her spot" in the Shrine.
3 squares up from the wall
3 squares up from the stairs
Vier's Spot
😻 Remembering Jenn
One thing Jenn loved more than anything was doing annoying things. It was all fun and games when she kicked a soccer ball to you, splatted you with a pumpkin to turn you orange or a turnip to turn you pink, but that goddamn fucking train used to make me crazy.

Whenever I was taking too long reading a quest description or sorting my bags or bank, and she got bored, she'd throw the train down.  Which made everything take longer because I'd have to try and remember which item made the sound stop, find it, use it and then go back to sorting or reading.

Once the toy box came into being though it was better for me.  She'd run through the "change your look" toys and then the "change your size" toys. Then if I was still taking too long she'd go through the throwing toys, starting with the ones that changed MY appearance.

One of the worst things I saw her do was throw out a Bling-a-Tron INSIDE a tent. So people would know it was out, but couldn't find it. -smh-
Miss ya, kid!

Sunday, August 25, 2019

August 2019: An "I'm All Caught Up Now" post


August 2019

Bloated Thresher Sweet Spot

Soo level 64

First sighting of a Blingtron 7000

New Alabaster Mount

Archaeology in Highmountain
600 Bone Fragments of Eche'ro = Moose Mount!
Pencilmon has Flying in The Broken Isles!

Majestic Elderhorn Hoof is a toy that grants 30% increased speed in Highmountain

Surveying the Land

Spirit of Eche'ro

Ana has a matching pet, Bulvinkel!

July 2019: A Catch-Up Post

July Highlights

Nor in Fire Festival Gear

Su in Fire Gear
Finishing some Midsummer Fire Festival Achievements.
Extinguishing Eastern Kingdoms
Finally figured out Ghostlands and Silvermoon City!
Not scared of World Event Bosses anymore

Woo Hoo FLYING in my new Plane!
30 pets @ level 25

Soo @ level 63
Tidying around the farm and getting gifts from my new friends.
An Orange Tree

Miss Fifi

New Furniture and no more spiders! YaY!

odd sleeping position

All the Tiller's are my Friends :)

Pigs from Fish Fellreed

Chicken's from Old Hillpaw & a Hat

Pigs in the Pond

Sheeps on the Lawn

A Yak, A Pig & some Chickens
My Hat

Auction House Dance Party.

This is good for a giggle every time. Chat explodes with people moaning about their need for using the Auction House. Either they don't know, or don't remember that there is a second AH in the Dwarven District.

This year I think some Horde snuck into town to try and take out the King while we were dancing in the AH. There were also a few PvP Battles in the AH but I ignored them, kept dancing and blowing my bubble wand.

June 2019: a Catch-Up Post

June Milestones

Sazzil has moved to Undercity to do the cooking and fishing dailies. And is absolutely hating the maze of that place.

Though, she can go to sleep in a coffin, while wearing a Darkmoon Faire Fish Head and that's not creepy!
Lots of room for a wee goblin
While mining Ghost Iron Ore, Nor finished the Jade Forest Storylines
Seely feeding the starving lost dog.

Nor's Dog

Luna, a gift from Ella

Seely is Exalted with the Tillers. w00t!

Punky sittin' on my lap.  Miss you, my Spunky Punky Boy.
Punky In-Game

Punky IRL
Sal reached level 111

Cool Tauren Hunter with Dinosair Pets

Midsummer Fire Festival

Midsummer Fire Festival Guide
Midsummer Regalia

NOT Complete: Torch Juggler

I have no doubt I'd be able to complete this achievement in Dalaran easily as it's a matter of keybinding and simple macro coding. However, I can't get past the introductory/learning torch juggling quest of Torch Catching which requires you to light and catch the torch 4 times in a row. The most I've been able to achieve so far is 2.

Nor fed up with torch-NOT-catching and taking some R&R fishing back in the homeland.

To Do once Flying Unlocked:
Broken Isles

To Collect:
Brazier of Dancing Flames 350 Blossoms

Set of Matches