Tuesday, January 25, 2022

Missing the game

 I miss playing WoW.

I didn't do much current content after Vier left but I still spent hours doing achievements, collecting pets, and farting around with old content.

I've thought often about going back, maybe looking up the restrictions for "free to play", but ... the scorched earth I left during my departure is daunting.

The thought of re-doing all those dailies to get my raft back makes me groan.

The thought of levelling up enough characters to get my professions back to making the stuff I used all the time is daunting.

I should get off my butt and get back into levelling in FFXIV. Maybe I'll do that soon.


Thursday, August 5, 2021

I've left WoW and I'd like to explain why Part One

Over the next few days, I'll be making a few posts about my reasons for leaving WoW.

I've had a pit in the bottom of my stomach since learning of the news about the work culture at Blizzard.

I will be sharing my stories of sexual harassment to illuminate why I simply will not give my money to an organization that hurts women.

I have completed a scorched earth departure.

I emptied my banks and bags.

I deleted all my characters.

I halted my subscription.

I permanently deleted my account.

There is absolutely no going back.

Sunday, February 28, 2021

Achievements in February 2021


Sal's new outfit

Ser with his new timewalking Top Hat.

A Goblin Sprite.

A Polar Bear Mount!

Woo Hoo!

100 Draenor Treasures

Quillen Mount

Void Elf Unlocked
Now if I could only get the Draenei Allied Race unlocked!

Yulon, Year of the Ox, Mount

hating Maldraxxus

Safari Hat!

Pet Battle Challenge: Deadmines!
my first dungeon PB Challenge

Dangerous Love

All the Green Dragon Toys

Everlasting Firework

Lunar Elder's Hearthstone.
Now I have all of them.

One third of the Blue Dragon Toys

Pandaria Safari

Sareen, our newest alt becomes Exalted with our Guild

Exalted with the Order of the Cloudserpent.
Now Sushel & Styxxi can tame them.

 Just a quick note to document that everyone is now well into Shadowlands content.

The past few weeks when the Lunar Festival overlapped with Love is in the Air and Pet Battle week with a Super Squirt Day almost killed me!

Trying to keep priorities straight with my limited cognitive processing abilities and keep my mousing hand going was hard.

We now have almost all the toys from Lunar Festival and only have one and one-third dragons to collect in future years.

We didn't get too many runs in for the Love Rocket, maybe next year.

We did manage to level 49 pets to 25 on Super Squirt day though so that's nice.

Missing You, Vier

Throwback Pic of Vier making fun of Nor stuck in a vine.
Throwback Pic of Vier making fun of Nor.

Nor kneeling at a grave, in a beam of light, with 3 stuffed toys placed on the grave site.
A moment of contemplation for Vier.

Wednesday, November 11, 2020

WoW is for Everyone! My experiences in Azeroth & beyond.

  I dabble in WoW. 

I live with a bucket of chronic illnesses that hugely hampers my daily life. I use Azeroth as somewhere to go when I'm feeling ok, my hands are functioning and I just want to do something.

I’ve never counted my diseases individually but I have a few. The two biggies being Rheumatoid Arthritis & Fibromyalgia. I also deal with depression, S.A.D. [Seasonal Affective Disorder], IBS, Sjogren’s Syndrome, Restless Leg Syndrome, Hypothyroidism, and some sleep issues from 25 years of round-the-clock rotating shiftwork. There are a few other, mostly side effects from meds or main diseases, that are too boring to list and I try not to think about them too much. 

[I'm not providing links to anything 'cause focusing on my illnesses is not a good use of my time and Google is Your Friend]

The end result is I've been housebound since 2003, I have hand, mobility, cognitive, and memory issues. This means I'm too slow both physically with my hand manipulating my mouse and cognitively with processing information to be an effective Dungeon or Raid Team member. 

I do enjoy professions, pet battling, world events, achievements, collecting, and generally just exploring. I am very easily distracted so I might log on to do one specific thing and six hours later find myself just flying around and exposing unexplored areas on an Alt's World Map.

This morning I spent a few hours setting up two 2-page spreads in my WoW Bullet Journal to track my Alts progress in all the expansion's professions and designating who is going to be responsible for grinding which reputation. Now that Flying is opened up in both Draenor and Legion zones, I can finish up some things that have been collecting dust for a while. 

I've also started to do more WoW Blogging since joining Brann's List Discord. Most recently, participating in the Glow Up! contest and coming in second place and with this post, participating in Just Geeking By's Weekly "Lead Up to Shadowlands" Challenge.

Our Glow Up photos and main goals.

1. Noritam 

two side-by-side images of a WoW Character

Jewelcrafting the Jeweled Onyx Panther twice. Once for me and once for Lilpipnik.

2. Sareen

The newest member of our team. She's working on levelling her Blacksmithing from scratch and generally prepping for Shadowlands. Sareen was started not too long ago, strictly to gain the Gilnean Raven Pet. I chose Death Knight just because it is a class I hadn't played yet, not knowing that DK's were going to be a big part of the Shadowlands Story. w00t!

3. Sushel

Su was our very first alt. She was created just because our first boost was burning a hole in Vier's pocket! Vier couldn't stand the thought of me having a boost and not using it so convinced me to make a hunter and boost her to 90 so Vier could take us on a tour of Pandaria. Sushel is a dwarf because at the time female dwarves were the least played race in the game. We like her down-to-earth no-nonsense badassness. Sushel likes drinking beer and eating sausages in a nod to my peasant German heritage. My Dad's family were sausage makers in the Old Country and continued the family business when they immigrated to Canada in the 1920s.

4. Seelybrook

Seely's main task is generating Living Steel for Sushel's Engineering plans. She also keeps us in Water Breathing potions.  Seely is very elegant and lady-like. She was created when we discovered that as a plate armor wearer, Noritam couldn't easily wear all the lovely dresses she was collecting in-game. 

5. Sallaana

Sal's main job is keeping Sushel stocked up with Sumptuous Fur to make Hexweave Bags. She'll be heading to Legion Dalaran now that she can fly in Legion, and making us a Moose Mount!

6. Soozuu

Soo was our first bank alt and was never supposed to be levelling, thus the weird name. She's currently based in Northrend working on the Argent Tournament.

7. Serran

Ser is our Banker with his own guild, The Canadian Bankers. He is learning how to operate the Auction House profitably and make us some gold. On a side note, he is currently levelling to 30 to get flying 'cause he's fed up with riding his horse all around Stormwind.

8. Sazzil

Sazzil came to be because in the middle of the night one night, our guild was toying with the idea of making a sister guild on the Horde side of the house. Saz was a charter member of "Dark Side of The Sun" before it disbanded. Now she's parked in Hillsbrad Foothills killing everything in sight, waiting for the Black Tabby Cat pet to drop. For the record, she loathes Undercity.

9. Styxxi

Styxxi came about due to another middle of the night conversation. My WoW Friend Babybug was contemplating a new character for the new server for her guild. Voila! 

Styxxi & Lilpipnik

Currently levelling in Cata.

Question: How many alts do you have to have before you are deemed an Altoholic?

Sunday, November 1, 2020

World of Warcraft Challenge by Just Geeking By

 Heather of Just Geeking By has issued us with a challenge.

Without comment here are the prompts:

Heather says
"The whole point of this challenge is to have fun by expressing our love for World of Warcraft and sharing it with each other. Sometimes people will say things you don’t agree with and that’s ok. The world would be a really dull place if we all acted the same way.

You’re welcome to mix and match prompts 8 – 22 so you’ve got a race and class combination, but it was important for me that people had that option. Also, these prompts (8-22) are designed to be about NPCs rather than your own characters.
There are no corresponding adjectives to allow you to interpret the prompts however you wish. You could for example choose to talk to interpret a prompt as your favourites, your dislikes, the most interesting or influential. It’s completely up to you 🙂

 The 7 Day version is basically a condensed version of the 30 Day challenge so if you’re not sure what a prompt means take a look at the 30 Day version for inspiration

Anyone who knows me, knows I am just not up for an "every day challenge" what with my 40 sleep/wake cycle and the fact that I am So Slow at everything I do!

I'm going to try the weekly challenge. Oh, and yes, this is for the month of November which seems to have snuck up on me so ... go!

Let's do this!