Friday, January 18, 2019

Isle of Thunder - How to get there

Exotic Leather Farming Guide - Best places to farm Exotic Leather

Someone in the Guild "of the Sun" was asking the other day.  Stumbled upon this info whilst looking up leather farming.

To get to the Isle of Thunder, you have to get the quest called the "Thunder Calls" from Lyalia (Alliance-Shrine) / Sunwalker Dezco (Horde-Shrine).  The quest will lead you to the "The Storm Gathers" quest in Townlong Steppes, once you speak to the NPC there, you will fly to the Isle of Thunder. Next time you come here, there will a portal to the isle and you won't have to talk to the NPC.

Saturday, December 22, 2018

Pandaria - Sky Race Map

'cause I keep losing track of where it is on my computer.

credit to: ?? I forget where I got this
let me know and I'll add your info

Thursday, December 13, 2018

December 10, 2018

Stars and Noritam keep busy on what would have been Vier's 29th Birthday.  I always thought I'd be done with WoW when Vier died.  I'm surprised to find that it is a solace and distraction from grief.  We are either grinning doing something that "she would have loved" or chuckling about doing something that "she would have HATED this".

Vier introduced us because we both enjoy doing things she hates, running old content, working on achievements and any other activity that, on the day, she deemed boring.  The first time Stars/Mier and I met was when she needed someone for ICC to get bit or something so she could get a mount.  I was the sacrificial lamb.
Lookin' for Mr. Pinchy
Today, Stars and I needed a distraction from our grief.  We started by fishing for Mr. Pinchy.  Stars got bored and went to do some dailies in Blade's Edge Mountain and by the time he got back, I was bored searching for Mr. Pinchy.  I always thought that Mr. Pinchy came from an Old Man Barlow Daily until last week I learned through a  YouTube video that it's its own thing.

Read up on Wowhead and discovered it's an "I got my first one in under 30 minutes" or it's a long RNG grind.  I'm usually on the lucky side of RNG, but not with this one.

Next, it was off to introduce me to the Isle of Giants. That is a LOT of bones to collect! This was one of Vier's favourite places, because -- dinosairs!  She would have LOVED this expansion.
Apparently I went to Mogu'shan Vaults in 2014!
Since August of 2017, Mier never wanted to play his Stars toon because she still had the last BFF buff Vier gave her.  We decided to remedy this by going and getting the toy for ourselves.
Aren't we pretty?
I didn't know Stars was taking me into PvP land until, "OMG We're Gonna Die!". Nevertheless, we managed the "I'm In Your Base, Killing Your Dudes" achievement.
w00t! An achievement!

Off to see Nat for me to get the Dragon Pole, and Stars a fishing raft.

We were in the Krasarang Wilds for awhile 'til I wandered to close to a Horde outpost and got killed and the noise of the Jungle Skitterers was making us just a little crazy!

Off to the Isle of Thunder to get my Kirin Tor Beacon.  Stars doesn't know this, but I was confused.  I thought this toy would take me to the "gathering bones" place, but I didn't figure out until much later that this was a different place altogether!

Don't tell him though 'cause he waited around until I finished all six scenarios.
where am I?
There is some reading in my future to learn what the Isle of Thunder is all about!
When I decided my next toy would be the Yak toy from a Grummle at the Niusazo Temple, that's when Stars was out! He waited around through my scenarios at the Isle of Thunder but waiting for a quest string to get a Yak toy was beyond his limits!

Still, looking at the stopwatch I started while fishing for Mr. Pinchy then forgot to turn off, we'd been at it for over four hours.  A fitting distraction for the day.  I didn't get the Yak Toy, more reading required.

I took Sazzil out to do some daily Cooking and Fishing in Thunder Bluff and Did Lunch whilst I was there.
Sazzil - Thunder Bluff
Then decided to work on Timbermaw Hold Reputation with my Leatherworking Demon Hunter.
While I was in Winterspring Red Bear, my irl Crafting Buddy,  came to Discord for the first time. She was delighted to learn that in addition to daily text messaging [I don't have a mobile phone] we could also talk!

We had a nice visit whilst Sallaana got her rep up enough to get the Warbear Woolies patterns and do a LOT of skinning.

Thanks Stars, B.F.F.!
Welcome to Discord Red Bear!

If anyone else has read this far and you'd like to join Noritam's Nexus on Discord, use this

We have a silliness text channel, voice and text channels for WoW, and a text channel for crafters and artists.

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"Seely's fave colour is Green", or
"Red is for Sazzil"
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Ciao for now, Nor

Saturday, November 17, 2018

Level 1 Döra gets World Explorer - YouTube

This is awesome.  Love how here Guild was there at the end to cheer her on!  Need more stuff like this in WoW!

(9) Level 1 Döra gets World Explorer - YouTube