Sunday, December 25, 2016

The Jaded Gamer » Of Dragons and Easter Eggs: A Chat With Warren Robinett

The Jaded Gamer » Of Dragons and Easter Eggs: A Chat With Warren Robinett: "the first game to feature an “Easter Egg”"

'via Blog this' I haven't subbed to WoW for a few months, but have been thinking about it recently. Today's surfin' the interwebs has me reading about Easter Eggs in games. It reminded me of the first time I discovered the hidden underwater creature off Bloodmyst Isle. I think I miss playing Wow.

Friday, August 12, 2016

Wrangling a Wolf Quest Playthrough - Video

SkipS to 3:47 to bypass the flying TO Nagrand from the garrison

Still Here!

I can't believe it's been almost a year since we've posted.

Vier's lack of interest in the waning of Draenor, my sense of being overwhelmed and never getting to fly in Draenor, and, of course, Living Real Life With Chronic Illness, got in the way.

Here are a few screenshots of what Nor and Friends were up to between July 2015 and August 2016. Story in the captions.


Quests Quests and more Quests
Professions! Thanks Vier for teaching me how to Archeology.
World Events
Bears Are BAD.
Mean, and Bad.
A Dragon Mount and Fireworks at the Faire!  w00t!

New Faire Fish Food that applies costumes!
The beauty of night flying.
Crazy Cat Lady title.
Night Flying Never Gets Old
UGH! Sushel stuck at level 92 since Nov. 2015.
I still [Aug 2016] can't bear the thought of re-doing Draenor quests without flying. ugh! Gloomshade Grove again, blargh.

That brings us to July 2016

In July Vier informed me that she switched realms and guilds.  I spent a few weeks pondering my next move.  Mierlin enthusiastically encouraged me to make the switch, saying the Guild is very friendly and there's even another member that is almost as slow as me!

I finally decided to boost an alt, switch her to the new realm/guild and make my pre-Legion Demon Hunter there as well.

Boosting Sealybrooke - she even got an equipped Garrison!

Leveling Alchemy and Herb Gathering before the switch, No Way am I going into Booty Bay.

Night Flying Never Gets Old
Fishing for Sealy's Alchemy before the Realm Switch.  [for the non-WoW readers: you can't mail things between realms/servers, I wanted some water breathing potions from my Alchemy alt.]
My Cloud Serpent is almost all grown up!
It's been a LOT of Dailies!
Finally!  Got my raft! [more Dailies!]

And ... Switch. 

To a role-play realm!  GULP!  More ways to screw up!

Keeping with the "all of my alt names begin with the letter S" theme, I introduce Sallaana.

The switch made it necessary to change Saely's name, with glee I gave up her awkward spelling, A before E and don't forget the last E! Now it's spelled the way it sounds and I can find myself without typo's.

Oh Crap - the Action Bars didn't carry over!
Gold Gold and need more Gold!  Bags for Bank Slots.
Demon Hunters start with 20-slot bags, Boosted 100's get 22-slot bags, for now, their bank slots will have to make do with 16-slot bags.

Sallaana hits max level!  All in one day!
uh oh
[Right Click and "open in a new tab" to see this full-size and read all about the fear-inducing Elite Quests.]
Making new friends and starting my invasions.
Oh Crap.  If Sallaana wants a garrison, she has to start at the beginning.  Through the Dark Portal we go!

Can we believe that I'm almost at my second expansion launch?
My attitude towards mount collecting has changed.  I honestly never got excited about mounts.  Akin to my feelings about cars IRL, I need one to get me from A to B, it needs to start, not give me any problems and beyond that, ...  meh.

Then two things happened with Vier that initiated a bit of mount lust.  Very early on in Draenor Vier and I were goofing around in Nagrand, trying to jump into a cave.  Suddenly she got excited, a rare was up, let's go get it.  And I got my Mottled Meadowstomper mount.
-puffed chest-

Then Vier helped me get my garrison wolf.  What a WoW Day that was.

  • I wasn't listening, 
  • I was getting into trouble, 
  • Vier was getting frustrated with me, 
  • I couldn't navigate around the stoopid tree in the final path of taming the mount, 
  • I was getting frustrated 

... and then ... as we re-grouped after another fail, Vier mentioned she was trying not to distract me by talking and I realized, "No!  Talk!  Do a Sports-Announcer-Play-By-Play thing and warn me when the tree is coming up."
Wolf Mount! 

... and a tingle of mount lust ran up my arms ...

Fast Forward to yesterday.  For the first time,

  • a.) I noticed and
  • b.) disliked the way my Ebon Gryphon mount looked with Sallaana's outfit.  
Swift Green Gryphon

So I spent some gold to get a green mount to match!

Now I'm just a couple of Mounts away from my first mount collecting achievement!

So I'm running around Stormwind Keep, looking for the library to start Sallaana's Archeology.  I find this little girl who has a quest to deliver a poem to Shattrath City. I have to go to Shatt anyway to get my Seth's Graphite Fishing Pole for Sallaana, so accepted the quest.  Then I learned this is an in-game memorial for a real life player.

[read the comments to learn more about Dak]

Appearances Tab!  Freed up Bag/Bank Space!  


Should I sell all my old gear now that it's in the appearance tab, or hang on 'til after launch "just to be safe"?

Lesson Learned: 

Don't waste your gold transmogging until you're finished levelling!  Even the invasions will grant higher ilvl gear before the expansion starts. Duh!