Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Transmog Woes

I'm in a guild run for some titles and achieves in MoP raids when I get a whisper from Nor. "Are you busy, I have some questions about transmog?"

This is gonna be good. 

First question: "Do my items need to be in bag or void storage?"

This seems like a question with a straightforward answer. BUT, I know my mother. 'The item you want to change has to be equipped, the one you want to change it TO can be in your bag, bank, or void storage.'

We went over that a couple more times before she was ready to move on.

Second question: "when it's done, what will I see on my character screen and what will be in my bags,"

This, I didn't understand. Before I could get clarification, she had another question. "Before I close my Void Storage to go to the Transmog Guy, will I have to type out the names exactly or will there be something to click on?"

You don't have to type anything in, Mom. You're good. Just try it and you'll see how easy it is.

Then came the waiting.

and some more waiting.

Then, finally:

"I did it! And to answer my question, my Axe is still in my Character screen thingy though it looks like my pretty purple Sword!"

That was Noritam's Transmog Adventure.

Nor Edit to Add: 2018 and what a long way Transmog has come and also my ability [some might say ... obsession] to do it! Legion has brought a lot of "ease of access" to things, I'm so sad Vier isn't here to see it, she loved her a great 'mog! Today I have to mog out of my Midsummer Fire Festival gear as the event ends.