Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Action Bars

Went out to the farm over the weekend and helped Mom fine-tune her action bars and keybinds. When I left she was still working on them, so if you want to know what the end result was you'll have to ask her.

Monday, March 17, 2014

Tome of the Ancient | Thoughts on World of Warcraft

I'm still reeling from my first taste of a raid.  I have serious situational awareness issues.  I simply could not see what everyone was doing // who we were supposed to be targeting.  Yes, I could see the big guy, but the ads ... that's a different story.

  Now these ladies sound like fun!

Tome of the Ancient | Thoughts on World of Warcraft:

"At some point in the evening I usually say, “I’m going to go get some wine.” It’s code for “from this point on I will probably die tripping over dryer lint the Mogu left laying around.” Or “I’ll stand in delighted amazement gazing at the pretty light all around me until … yeah dead.” "

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Sunday, March 16, 2014

Taming my first hunter pet!

I managed to figure out how to tame a hunter pet this morning and tamed a young wolf from Elwynn Forrest!  The best part was watching him grow from a young wolf to a gigantic beast!  Took Wolf and Ravr [my dread raven hatchling] fishing at Olivia's Pond and it was amusing to watch their bored antics while just sitting there for 10 minutes.

Ear scratching and howling from Wolf and chittering and under-wing-preening in a most awkward fashion from Ravr.

I found wolf because I had to go to Goldshire to buy the cooking recipe for Longjaw Mudsnappers before I did any fishing in Stormwind.  Also snagged the Brilliant Smallfish and Bristle-whisker Catfish recipes before I could use them so I'd get the maximum cooking skill points out of the fish you generally catch around Stormwind. Fortunately I snagged the Boiled Clams recipe too because I couldn't help but harass some murlocs while I was out there and they drop clams.

So for my fun time this login I got both fishing and cooking up past 100, received the next level training for both of them, did the Daily Quests in Stormwind, explored the lighthouse out in the harbour and tried to find the prison in the city but didn't tonight.  I didn't even remember to take one screenshot!

Well relaxed and almost sanguine about the terror of Timeless Isle and my first raid!

Next game day it will be time to take Nor out for a spin and see if I can get her a little further along the leveling trail.

'nite all,


Timeless Isle & Throne of Thunder!

We spent a lot of time on the Timeless Isle today getting Sushel geared up. She found a few armour tokens and managed to bring her iLvl up to 487. Bravo Sushel!

Heavy helped us kill some things for a while on his new monk toon. We killed some turtles, some ancient spineclaws, a bunch of rares, some gulp frogs, a couple cats, and a stone giant thing. We also opened some of Kukaru's chests.

Then we put Sushel in her first ever raid! LFR is a clusterfuck these days since everyone is on their newly-boosted 90s and most of them are on classes that they don't know how to play. We managed to get the first boss down after like 2-3 wipes. Moved on to Horridon (that's the second boss for our non-WoW-player readers).  Sushel had some trouble with the wing blowing across the bridge, she fell off a few (thousand) times but eventually made it to the boss. Where we wiped a good 3-4 times.  We decided that enough was enough and called it quits.

Made a run back to Shrine, repaired our armour and all that fun stuff, then Sushel went to go "do fun stuff" (whatever that means) and I chilled out in Shrine.

Saturday, March 15, 2014

WoW Rare Spawns: Miscellaneous Rares and Elites of Pandaria

Found this blog tonight while researching my homework assignment from Vier.  So, okay, ... there's tons of "Oh My Gawd --- WoW!" enticement to get over my trepidation and venture out with Sue to try my luck.  sigh.

The learning curve of a boosted 90 combined with a completely new race, class and action bar set is, well, over-whelming.

Deep breath.  No guts, no glory.  Can't fail or quit in the eyes of my favourite daughter. However daunting this may be, must prevail.

Seriously though, you should have seen the tight-rope-like "bridge of ropes" Vier tackled as a mount with a passenger on board and Succeeded!  I've never had any doubts of Vier's god-like power and abilities, but if anyone ever has, yes, Dan, I'm looking at you, wait 'til you see the screenshots.  It was truly an awe-inspiring feat.

Here's a teaser first look:  The pillar on the left, with the chest, is our objective. [By the way, Red Bear, {and Lurker Aunt} there is no flying on Timeless Isle.  No, I don't know why.]
Walking a tightrope as a mount, with a passenger!
 Vier jumped from the rope to the grass, on the mid-lower-right, hurting herself considerably, then jumped to the pillar from the grass under the action bars.  Yes, my bars are a mess, will tidy them soon-ish.
Woo Hoo!  Success! and an Achievement to boot!
For the record, I have 243 screenshots saved.  Beginning with Nor and Molim getting their pre-order Mounts and Pets.  Aren't they too cute?
Dread Raven Mounts and Dread Raven Hatchling pets :)

Through the creation of Sushel, a Dwarven Hunter, leveling to 5 before Vier talked me into using the 90 boost for "the sheer amusement factor".  Why, oh why, do I let her talk me into these things?  I have to admit though, being a hunter with a big gun that one shots things at lower levels PLUS a pet that does half my fighting for me ... well, it's a perk that makes the rest of the mess almost bearable.

Right now, my priority is being able to accomplish at least one thing I've been assigned on Timeless Isle.  If you see a lot of posts with some of those 243 screenshots, well, you know I've become frustrated and/or over-whelmed.

Later, 'gators!


WoW Rare Spawns: Miscellaneous Rares and Elites of Pandaria:

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Friday, March 14, 2014

WoD Preorder!!

You know what that means... free level 90 boost!!!!

I chose to boost my Horde Orc Hunter on Blackhand. Gosh it sure is different playing a character with shit gear!  You spawn with a full set of 483 greens on the Timeless Isle.  I managed to get her iLvl up to 506 and do the full SoO LFR this week, so now I'm running around Timeless Isle killing stuff trying to get some more mail armour tokens. I still have to replace my 483 shoulders, a trinket, and a ring.

Mom decided that she wants to level Noritam through the content, which I think is a wise decision.  So she was trying to decide what character to make to use her 90 boost on.  Through my superior powers of persuasion, I convinced her to roll a hunter.  (luckily for my powers of persuasion, she didn't need much convincing!) She made a female dwarf hunter called Sushel (yeah I don't get it either). She did some leveling first to familiarize herself with the class.

We dealt with a griefer when I was trying to show Mom how to tame a pet.  I told him off good and proper, then blocked him.  Take that, random asshole!

And then, poof!  Just like that Sushel was level 90. Now it's time to set up her talents and actionbars! Hooray!

It was a challenge trying to figure out a logical setup for her actionbars without having the extra 12 mouse buttons that I have, but I think I managed to work something out!

Getting Sushel some armour on Timeless Isle. Did some acrobatics on the tightrope treasure chest. I hope Mom was suitably impressed!

We discovered that getting a free lvl 90 is perhaps not the utopia we had imagined.

Sushel helped Vin find her lost balloons in Stormwind. Hooray for being a good citizen!

You'll have to ask Mom for screenshots from our adventures today, I was too busy trying to get her stuff figured out ;)

Sunday, March 9, 2014


Visited Mom at her house over the weekend.  Got her to install WoWMatrix and then Bartender.  After that we sorted out her actionbars and got them all moved around and organized in some way that almost makes sense.

When I left to come back to my house, she was making a little map of her keybindings in a notepad to help her remember what they all are.

Maybe if you ask nicely, she'll post a screenshot of her new layout so you can see!

 Pally healers, what are addons that you can't live without? We're compiling a list for when Noritam eventually starts raiding.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014


Just in case anyone's been wondering, Mom's taking a week-long break from WoW so she can get some crafting things done.

While she's doing that, I've been bullied by Dan into making a Horde hunter on Blackhand and joining the guild he's in over there, with the tentative eventual goal of helping out their raid team.

She's an Orc and she's up to level 22 now after two days of questing. Hoping to get her to 90 soon, but this is where I usually get burned out on leveling so I'm taking a short 1 or 2 day break so I don't abandon her forever.

Anyway, what this post boils down to is this: Mom's crafting and I'm doing other things.

See you in a few days!

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Silly Nor

"I can barely move my hands"  Do you want to skip today then, or..? "NO THERE'S TOO MUCH TO DO!"
"I don't notice my sore hands when I'm WoWing"
"I think I'm becoming addicted"

We asked Dan to pop into Vent to explain some professions stuff to Noritam. He was very helpful and it sounded like she learned a lot. Thanks Dan!

We did what felt like every single quest in Zangarmarsh in an attempt to get sent to the outpost that has the rep that we need in order to get quests when we eventually get to Nagrand. It was very tedious and frustrating.

Leveling sure does take a lot longer without the RAF bonus.