Sunday, March 16, 2014

Timeless Isle & Throne of Thunder!

We spent a lot of time on the Timeless Isle today getting Sushel geared up. She found a few armour tokens and managed to bring her iLvl up to 487. Bravo Sushel!

Heavy helped us kill some things for a while on his new monk toon. We killed some turtles, some ancient spineclaws, a bunch of rares, some gulp frogs, a couple cats, and a stone giant thing. We also opened some of Kukaru's chests.

Then we put Sushel in her first ever raid! LFR is a clusterfuck these days since everyone is on their newly-boosted 90s and most of them are on classes that they don't know how to play. We managed to get the first boss down after like 2-3 wipes. Moved on to Horridon (that's the second boss for our non-WoW-player readers).  Sushel had some trouble with the wing blowing across the bridge, she fell off a few (thousand) times but eventually made it to the boss. Where we wiped a good 3-4 times.  We decided that enough was enough and called it quits.

Made a run back to Shrine, repaired our armour and all that fun stuff, then Sushel went to go "do fun stuff" (whatever that means) and I chilled out in Shrine.

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