Saturday, March 15, 2014

WoW Rare Spawns: Miscellaneous Rares and Elites of Pandaria

Found this blog tonight while researching my homework assignment from Vier.  So, okay, ... there's tons of "Oh My Gawd --- WoW!" enticement to get over my trepidation and venture out with Sue to try my luck.  sigh.

The learning curve of a boosted 90 combined with a completely new race, class and action bar set is, well, over-whelming.

Deep breath.  No guts, no glory.  Can't fail or quit in the eyes of my favourite daughter. However daunting this may be, must prevail.

Seriously though, you should have seen the tight-rope-like "bridge of ropes" Vier tackled as a mount with a passenger on board and Succeeded!  I've never had any doubts of Vier's god-like power and abilities, but if anyone ever has, yes, Dan, I'm looking at you, wait 'til you see the screenshots.  It was truly an awe-inspiring feat.

Here's a teaser first look:  The pillar on the left, with the chest, is our objective. [By the way, Red Bear, {and Lurker Aunt} there is no flying on Timeless Isle.  No, I don't know why.]
Walking a tightrope as a mount, with a passenger!
 Vier jumped from the rope to the grass, on the mid-lower-right, hurting herself considerably, then jumped to the pillar from the grass under the action bars.  Yes, my bars are a mess, will tidy them soon-ish.
Woo Hoo!  Success! and an Achievement to boot!
For the record, I have 243 screenshots saved.  Beginning with Nor and Molim getting their pre-order Mounts and Pets.  Aren't they too cute?
Dread Raven Mounts and Dread Raven Hatchling pets :)

Through the creation of Sushel, a Dwarven Hunter, leveling to 5 before Vier talked me into using the 90 boost for "the sheer amusement factor".  Why, oh why, do I let her talk me into these things?  I have to admit though, being a hunter with a big gun that one shots things at lower levels PLUS a pet that does half my fighting for me ... well, it's a perk that makes the rest of the mess almost bearable.

Right now, my priority is being able to accomplish at least one thing I've been assigned on Timeless Isle.  If you see a lot of posts with some of those 243 screenshots, well, you know I've become frustrated and/or over-whelmed.

Later, 'gators!


WoW Rare Spawns: Miscellaneous Rares and Elites of Pandaria:

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