Sunday, March 16, 2014

Taming my first hunter pet!

I managed to figure out how to tame a hunter pet this morning and tamed a young wolf from Elwynn Forrest!  The best part was watching him grow from a young wolf to a gigantic beast!  Took Wolf and Ravr [my dread raven hatchling] fishing at Olivia's Pond and it was amusing to watch their bored antics while just sitting there for 10 minutes.

Ear scratching and howling from Wolf and chittering and under-wing-preening in a most awkward fashion from Ravr.

I found wolf because I had to go to Goldshire to buy the cooking recipe for Longjaw Mudsnappers before I did any fishing in Stormwind.  Also snagged the Brilliant Smallfish and Bristle-whisker Catfish recipes before I could use them so I'd get the maximum cooking skill points out of the fish you generally catch around Stormwind. Fortunately I snagged the Boiled Clams recipe too because I couldn't help but harass some murlocs while I was out there and they drop clams.

So for my fun time this login I got both fishing and cooking up past 100, received the next level training for both of them, did the Daily Quests in Stormwind, explored the lighthouse out in the harbour and tried to find the prison in the city but didn't tonight.  I didn't even remember to take one screenshot!

Well relaxed and almost sanguine about the terror of Timeless Isle and my first raid!

Next game day it will be time to take Nor out for a spin and see if I can get her a little further along the leveling trail.

'nite all,


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