Saturday, December 28, 2013

First Night At Blood Watch

I took a few days to recover from Christmas Eve/Morning.  Phew!  That Orc attack took a lot out of me!

Today it is time to clean-up some outstanding business.  From my reading I learned that to finish  the buggy "Show Gnomercy" quest I had to abandon it, re-aquire it and then complete it.  Easy Peasy.

I went into Tide's Hollow to defeat  Warlord Sriss'tiz and did a fair bit of mining along the way and inside the cave.  Did a couple more pet battles then back to Odesyus' Landing to empty my bags and generally tidy up for a trip over to Silvermyst Isle.

At Silvermyst Isle, huh, I can't believe I was ever so scared with these mutated owls! Met some night elves and helped them out.  It was strange on the escort quest, hard to keep pace with Magwin until I remembered I could slow down to walking speed!  Ah, yes -- I remember the days when running was too fast for me to maneuver!

OK, no more dawdling ... off to Bloodmyst Isle I go, where there are over 60 quests to do and as much as the place creeps me out, I guess I'm gonna have to set my hearthstone there, though in my heart, Azure Watch will always be home.

Ugh.  Bloodmyst Isle is as much fun as I imagined it would be.  Terrible mobs, dreary scenery, no pet battles, no fishing.  Yes.  I admit it.  I like fishing in-game now.  [~~bows to Dahn~~] It's something relaxing I can do one-handed while I have a snack IRL or a coffee and a smoke.  I have my own secret, quiet, fishing hole too, but alas, I am far from there now.  

I've learned how to repair my armor and weapons.  Vier told me to check their status after I told her, in detail, how the Orc raid went.  She mentioned with all the fighting [and dying] that I did, perhaps my weapons and armor had degraded. Ack!  Yup, they sure had.  Thank goodness I learned about that before I came over here, I've had to repair stuff twice tonight with all the mob madness.

Up to level 17, two action bars in play now [not counting a third hidden one that I only pull out in a safe place to smelt, forge, and cook].

Oh, I never thought I'd ever see a number beside the shiny gold coin in my backpack and now it's at 2!  Ya, a whole 2 -- my mind boggles when reading some of the guides and they're talking about hundreds of gold at a time for this, that, and the other thing.  Where does all the gold come from?

Got a nice surprise before heading to bed, I checked my mail and some loot that I had abandoned due to lack of bag space was mailed to me!  How sweet!

Settled in for the night at Blood Watch.  Might have to take a craft day to shake off the Bloodmyst Creeps!

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

I went to deviantART to find a couple of icons ...

I have a few WoW folders on my desktop now and wanted a few WoW icons for them.

deviantART is always a great place to find free fan graphics ... oh my!  Just look what this gal created!  Who wouldn't want one of these on their desk?

Swift Frostsaber Poseable Doll by BeeZee-Art on deviantART:

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Hearthstone Plush by BeeZeeArt on Etsy

Hearthstone Plush by BeeZeeArt on Etsy:

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Christmas Morning

Merry Christmas!

Orc Attack on Christmas Eve at Azure Watch!

Happy Christmas Eve everyone!

Before the Orcs arrived to ruin everyones' night ...

What a great night I had in the World of Warcraft this evening.  When I first went online tonight, a couple of players had answered a whole bunch of my questions on the Blog here.

Thanks so much guys 'n gals!  Then Vier came in-game to show me how to access the Bank.  I didn't know that I could take a hippogrif over there!  I thought that one-time was just for the quest, not to be used again!

Then, using the very ferocious looking mount that she won for RAF-ing me into the game, Vier took me on a tour of some places in world.  I was excited to see Rut'theran Village and thrilled to get to visit Darnassus.  But the best was yet to come, I got to tour Stormwind and Ironforge!  I ran out of words to express my continual delight and amazement.  oh wow, how cool and holy crap on a cracker ... rinse and repeat. [minus capitalization and punctuation of course!]

Dan came along and the three of us had a dance party in the King's courtyard.  Vier let me down to pet battle a Stormwind Rat, just so I could say I did! Then we took a tram in Ironforge and I only fell down onto the tramway once!

So much to see and do ... ... it truly boggles the mind!  Thanks for the tour Vier and the dance party Dahn.

Back into my lo level experience back on Azuremyst Isle, I wasted an hour trying to locate something on my interface.  I finally threw out a question onto the Guild Chat.  Celiane whispered me immediately and in less than a minute I was good to go!  Back into the main chat window, gabbed with some of the Big Kids [in this very friendly guild] for a bit 'til ... back to work for me.

On one hand, I'm anxious to level up quick so I can play with everyone else but on the other hand, I'm so enjoying the exploring and seeing things unfold as I go along.

  Okay, I confess, I'm just procrastinating questing on Bloodmyst Isle.  That place gives me the creeps!

Ah!  Here's a great way to procrastinate ... an unfinished quest at Stillpine Hold, those owlkins don't scare me anymore!  Spent quite a bit of time at Stillpine Hold battling all kinds of uglies.

Holy Crap on a Cracker - Have You SEEN the Kurken!!    Yikes!  

Deep breath.  [whispers to self: you can do it ... you can do it]  YaY!  He's dead!

Did a bunch of pet battling on my way back to Azure Watch.  Gathering some herbs, dawdling along ... ...

Shields Up! Red Alert!  Azure Watch is Under Attack!  OMG!  What do I do?

Used my hearth stone to get back there quick.  Died almost immediately upon arrival.  Dam Orcs, attacking my home on Christmas Eve!  The nerve.

Got lots of practice running back up the hill from the graveyard.  Got chills when I saw some of our NPC Peacekeepers dead on the ground.

Me and another level 11 dude are running around getting killed left and right.

Run back up the hill.  Watch the carnage as the timer counts down 'til I can resurrect and ...

Back up the hill from the graveyard.  Watch the carnage as the timer counts down 'til I can resurrect and ...

Back up the hill from the graveyard.  Watch the carnage as the timer counts down 'til I can resurrect and ...

Back up the hill from the graveyard. Over and over, and over again!

Talk about high stress, great energy expenditure and F-all to show for it!

Finally, some level 90 Draenei Mage arrived and drove the Orcs away.  Phew!

Okay.  For The Record.  Christmas Eve 2014 - Raid On Orc Village.  You in?

Too wound up to sign off now.  Back into the wild to kill some mobs, do some pet battles, gather some herbs, do some fishing, ... Oh!  I ended up over at Odessyus Landing, did a few quests.

Be darned if I can figure out how to finish the Show Gnomercy Quest.  Have to do some Wowpedia reading on that one! Back into the wild to kill some mobs, do some pet battles, gather some herbs, do some fishing, ... ...

Watched the chat window as Dahn took a lot of grief/teasing from one and all.  Back into the wild to kill some mobs, do some pet battles, gather some herbs, do some fishing, ...

Not shy about asking questions now.  Thank you very much IrishFury and Bambooholic, your help is greatly appreciated.  So much less frustrating to ask, get an answer, and get back to doin' stuff in under a minute.  Even getting smart about asking questions properly, well ... ... smarter!

I had a blast in-game tonight.  Thanks for the help and warm reception to everyone I ran into online tonight.  Everyone was tremendous!  Except for the Orcs.  Look out Orcs!  I'm mad now.

It is now officially Christmas Morning and time for some food and rest.  Have a great holiday everyone.


Sunday, December 22, 2013

Fishing and more - Noritam posts

I felt bad about getting in another players way last time I logged in and figured
the weekend would be a high-traffic time in-game so I spent it researching.  Read up on my class and specialization.

Today I logged in and spent several hours review every button on my taskbar and reading all the info provided there.  I headed over to Icy-veins to see if their quest guide differed from others that I've read so far and ended up spending a fair bit of time reviewing her/his Winter veil Guide.  What an informative guide!  I was quite disappointed though to discover that there's not much for a low-level player to do during the festive season.  So back to grinding away and working on leveling up.

Got momentarily distracted by Icy-veins Healing Guide.  "More than any other role, healing is about precision and reaction. Your ability to perform your role will be strongly affected, every step of the way, by the ease with which you can input commands to your character.

Tanks and DPS players do, sometimes, have to make split-second decisions, and these decisions can sometimes impact the outcome of the encounter. Healers, on the other hand, have to make this kind of decision every time that they use a spell."

uh oh.

given my slowness in reaction and mental processing times.... maybe this isn't for me?

On the other hand, "We feel that it is a very good investment to spend a large amount of time tweaking and tuning your interface."  yup yup, been doing lots of reading and spent lots of time in-game today learning about my interface, so, ... maybe this is for me?

Phew!  I spent way too much time in game today!  I'm guessing that is a common

Last week I did a LOT of reading.  Today I figured I'd better just log in quick before opening any other browser window or another day would go by surfin' and not questin'.

I've tweaked my mouse sensitivity [a little tip from a comment on a post who-knows-where by someone-I've-forgotten] and boy did that ever make a difference!  I was twirlin' all over the place!  also meant I had to re-learn moving around!

Okay, gonna do bullet points of notes from my notebook and not try to craft readable story-like sentences and paragraphs, I'll leave that up to Vier.

Dec. 17

  • - I am confused about companion vs battle vs wild pets.
  • - I am confused about Talents vs Skills vs Professions
  • - read thru Pets Journal, Guild Journal, Achievements Journal, Spell Book.  Apparently I fell 65 yards w/out dying last login and received an achievement for it!  [I wonder when/where that happened?]
  • - read Icy Veins Winter Veil Guide and was disappointed that not much festivity for low level creatures such as myself.
  • - I wonder what a scenario is?

Dec. 18

  • - Reviewed bookmarks and did some browser housekeeping.
  • - re-read articles on Camera Control and Mouse Turning - I still can't turn quickly when some mob attacks me from behind.
  • - read up on  Cooking, Archeology, Fishing and First-Aid.  Read that First-Aid is useless for a Holy Paladin because of my self-healing abilities.  And that Fishing is a good money maker.  Really?  Gawd.  I hate fishing IRL, I wonder if it's any more thrilling in-game. ugh.
  • - read that Alt-Tab takes you out of game to a browser window without logging you out of the game, will have to try that.
  • - read that you should start with two Gathering professions in low level then change to a Production profession higher up.

Dec. 19 & 20 - sick days.

Dec. 21

  • - kissed a winter reveler and got some mistletoe
  • - headed back to Ammen Vale to do the quests I missed.
  • - went to see some chick at the river crossing between Ammen Vale and Azure Watch [pfft!  my memory for geography sucks!] and learned how to fish.  Did some fishing... did some more fishing ... and yet more fishing.  Nope, in-game fishing is no damn better than IRL.  
  • - back to Azure Watch with the Red Snappers, and then ... ... I got my first pet!  
  • - I was so excited I had to tell someone to I just blurted to the Guild and no one lol'd in my face!  Got talking to Thunderbutt and Labbatttblue - Thunderbutt talked me thru adding a friend [YaY! I have a friend!] I told them Vier would be proud.
  • Labbattblue advised me to check my mail - oh my, she sent me some pets in the mail!  So did Vier! Holy crap, I have 5 pets now --- five! Such a lucky Draenei am I!
  • - I started fooling around with my journals and such and oh boy did I get myself in a mess. I finally swallowed my pride and called Vier on the phone.  I had my fishing rod stuck to my back and couldn't pick up my axe again.  No way am I going to Bloodmyst Isle with a fishing rod on my back, you just know there's gonna be uglies over there.  It took awhile, but Vier finally figured I had my action bar locked, and yes that was the problem.  Got my axe back on, taunted Dahn a bit in chat [eek!], said ciao for now to Vier and headed over to Bloodmyst Isle.
  • - Did two pet battles on my way over there and while doing my quests. I really need some pointers on how the Pet Battles work, Vier says she doesn't do that. [really, there's part of the game she doesn't partake in? humph]
  • - Did two quests over there when my rumbling tummy made me look at the time and I realized I'd been in-game for over eight hours, hadn't eaten, and went way past medication time.  Back to Azure Watch to log-out and have some food.

Then because some guildees were asking if I was still bloggin and because Vier said it had been over a week since I'd reported in, figured I'd better make a post and here we are.

Now it's your turn blog readers, I have some questions:

Q1. What is "Realm Connection"?

Q2. When you log-in, or just before you log-in, where do you go to get the "news of the day", either technical [patches, hotfixes] or social [in-game events, forums]?

Q3. Anyone know a lot about Herbalism and care to give me some clues on what to do with or how to use the two green gathering herb icons?  Vier said I should just click on some herbs and I tried that but nothing happened.  When I was killing some mobs at Bloodmyst Isle, some very pretty flowers spawned around some corpses and I tried every combo of left and right clicking and gathered zip. Gotta learn more about how this all works.

Oh, and I did try the Winter Veil something-works thingy outside the Exodar and turned myself into a little gnome I think.  yikes!  I tried to use the  Mistletoe on some random player, I think at Ammen Vale, and it did nothing.  Or rather, I did it wrong!  At Bloodmyst Isle my bags were full so I had to dump the mistletoe to make room for a bit of loot.

That's all for today.  It's been a long one and I'm sure I've forgotten as much as I've

Fishing - Game Guide - World of Warcraft: "Fishers relax and feed themselves by catching the bounty of Azeroth's lakes and seas."

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Friday, December 20, 2013

WoW Rookie: Metagaming for newbies

Of course there's a term for what I've been doing ... not reading --- Metagaming!

WoW Rookie: Metagaming for newbies: "You're hooked – and you're hungry for more knowledge, eager to pounce on all the insider information you sense is dangling somewhere just out of line of sight ... Welcome to metagaming. Researching your WoW game – your crunchy bits -- can be one of the most enjoyable aspects of playing World of Warcraft. While some players relish tackling new content with no preparations and no spoilers, others enjoy digging up encounter strategies and mapping out intricate leveling, gear and crafting plans. We'll introduce you to some basic resources for "theorycrafting" to start your New Year in WoW off with a (quantifiable) bang! "

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A Guide to In-Game Memorials - Guides - Wowhead

A Guide to In-Game Memorials - Guides - Wowhead:

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I just found this guide tonight.  Definately a box-of-tissue read.

Thursday, December 19, 2013

small update

Mom's been busy doing background reading!  She's been hunting down articles and guides, learning what different buttons do and figuring out the best way for her to set up her actionbars and things. She was shocked when I told her it had been a week since our last blog post! She told me that she's been taking notes and that she has a blog post written up, she's just been too busy learning to get it posted. Stay tuned for more of Noritam's adventures!

Thursday, December 12, 2013


Long 2.5 hours in-game tonight.

Made level 10.  Woot!  Am now officially a Holy Draenei in training.

Ran into some nasty mobs on Sylvermyst Isle.

Accidentally stole another players dead skittering bug, by the time I could type their name into the chat log, they left.  Sorry level 9 player at Odessys Landing.

Got some help from Illuminatidy, finished a quest and called it a nite.

Chow time, am starving.

What we leave behind

This is so sad!  Is this what happens in WoW?  For the life of an expansion you live in a world only to leave it behind forever at the next expansion drop?  In this article it talks of places I haven't even discovered yet already being destroyed.  Does this mean I'm too late?

Approaching level 10, I'm torn between 1. "Hurry up and power level to see the content" and 2. "Bide my time low-level 'til Warlords of Draenor drops".

For all of you experienced WoWers who are reading this blog and haven't commented yet, I'd truly like to hear from you now.  Two questions:

1. What would you do, power-level or bide time?

2. Do you find a fave quiet nook in-game as this article describes?  If yes, where are some places I should look for as I discover the world? [Assuming you're willing to share your secrets! -wink-]

What we leave behind: "I can't stay in Pandaria forever, much as I'd like to remain on the continent with the beautiful fields and people that are happy to see me no matter where I've been or what I've done. Warlords is going to be a gritty ride through a planet that was never supposed to be. It's going to be grim, it's going to be dark, it's going to be brutal. But I'd feel a little better about facing a savage world of untold danger if I had Dog at my side. He doesn't deserve to be left behind again."

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Wednesday, December 11, 2013


Discovered the cinematics on the login screen.  Wonderful production value giving an overview of the world to date.  Cool.

Now I'm off to explore a bit on my own, see if I can navigate the in-game help system and not get totally messed up.  Wish me luck.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Noritam Posts!

Time Played: 2h 15m
Quests Done: 3?
Beginning Level: 8
Ending Level: 9

Noritam posts:

Today I learned that, just as in life, skills you don't use, you lose.  I felt extremely clumsy and inept today and I seem to have forgotten most of the basics.  Too frustrating for my dear Vier on her special day.

Not only in game, but juggling the phone and the game today was a challenge.  -rolls eyes-

I ended up taking a few extra hippogryph rides because I forgot to click on the quest title to get directions between tasks on the quest.

I did navigate fairly well today, I thought.  I got over to Still-something pine with swimming and turning into a ghostly black cat following a spirit from a totem in a quest.  That was fun.  But the beasts I had to get keys from, to unlock the caged furries, well, they were just plain cranky.

Died a few times from them and forgot how to release my spirit so sat around, dead, wasting time and when my time was up and I clicked the button to come alive again [I thought], poof! there I was in the graveyard with lots of running ahead. grrr.

My last quest of the day I thought would be an enjoyable one... wander in the forest and gather some azure snapdragon bulbs.  It was a very pretty forest and the azure snapdragons were so shimmery and sparkly, I was having a very nice time until I gathered my first bulb.  Then the hunt was on.  By this time, because of my inept IRL juggling of the communications line, I was on my own, under attack by several beasts and cranky plants and I spent some more time being dead.

I did learn to efficiently release my spirit, find my body [navigate to the tombstone on the mini-map], and be there when my dead time was over.  Every time I gathered a bulb, I got killed [by little plants no less, how embarassing].

Finally I had 4 of 5 required bulbs, took my dead time to grab a bite to eat, increase my caffeine level and generally rejuvenate IRL in preparation for the last gather and finishing the quest.  While I was girding my loins so to speak, Vier came back to find me sprawled lifeless in the middle of a path.

Vier demonstrated some awesome skill and agility and showed me how a real WoW player zaps the enemy.  She pretty much cleared the forest of beasts, cranky plants and other uglies while I bumbled around looking for my last bulb.  What seemed like forever later, I finally found the darn thing, headed back to Azure Watch to turn them in and return to my inn for some much needed rest.

While I tallied my loot from today and generally looked around feeling safe at long last, Vier entertained by dancing and showing off some of her outfits.  Dan, the turtle hat looks ridiculous, we must get it away from her.

I'm done, and done.  I hardly remember most of what went on today, it's all a blur.  Exhausted but looking forward to getting back in game sooner rather than later, don't want to go through this rusty skills business again any time soon.

Oh dear

How Noritam spent the majority of her time in-game today.

Day Seven

Time Played: 2h 30m
Quests Done: 5
Beginning Level: 7
Ending Level: 8

We seem to have graduated fully to running normally and not RP walking. Hooray! Today was an exercise in patience as we re-learned how to accept and complete quests. She's also managed to change some setting somewhere that's preventing her from zooming out of first-person view, and now she's decided that her screen is too cluttered. This is obviously very frustrating to deal with, so if anyone has any ideas as to which setting(s) she might have changed, please leave a comment!  We managed to figure it out, she'd unbound her zoom out keybind somehow.  Whew!
We also got a handle on swimming.

Mom's Thoughts:

"Bastard! Where did you come from?" You walked right into it. "Three days away is toooo long."
"Now how do I walk in between all these tables and chairs?"
"There's so many names."
"How can I be going the wrong way?"
"Wow, it's so cool" (talking about Exodar)
"Oh, that wasn't the building, that was an arch."
"We turned into ghost cats!  ... I can't see."
"How come he started attacking me before I even accepted the quest?! Bastard! I don't even know what he was!"
"Holy shit"

Sunday, December 8, 2013


Font size increased at the request of my mother.

Mom Posts!

Mom did a lot of reading yesterday, and she sent me an email with her thoughts.  Here it is, copied and pasted directly from the source:

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Silly Mom

No new post today because someone decided to stay up all night reading the Lore and some rookie guides.

While I appreciate the enthusiasm for the subject, sticking to schedule would be beneficial.

Feel free to share your stories of when you first realized you were a WoW addict in the comments!

Noritam vs the Tallstrider

Noritam smacks a Tallstrider - right in the face!

Protecting Azeroth from certain doom.

I've created a monster...

Mom just emailed me this link “for the blog”. 
She says in the thread:
"There’s hope for me yet! As a 50+ year old lady who has been playing for one whole week I take courage from your post. Until I’m a "grown up" Paladin and can invent my own acronyms, I think I shall borrow KYMS to simulate an aura of old lady cool."

Day Six

Time Played: 2h 31m
Quests Done: 1
Beginning Level: 5
Ending Level: 7
Today we learned a bit more about aggressive mobs and what that means when we’re running around in the wilderness. We learned how to run away from these mobs very effectively. We learned that staying on or near the path results in fewer mobs trying to eat us.
We got our Hammer of Justice ability and learned how to use stuns. We also started actually running places instead of RP walking. 
We learned how to vendor items and how to sort our inventory.
Mom was asking about using strategy to fight mobs and was relieved and a bit excited to hear that this would come in its own good time.
Mom’s Thoughts: (Vier in italics)
"I want to log in and get this done, it’s bugging me to have this thing accepted and not work on it."
"I gotta get better at just running around ‘cause I’m getting sick and tired of getting turned around"
"Those little ugly things are really good to kill, my experience goes up way faster.  Couple more of those little buggers and… … … they’re easier to kill, too"
"I actually don’t mind killing these little buggers, they’re ugly and they…"  ’they’re what? you didn’t finish your sentence.’ ”that’s because I’ve honed in on one here. They’re ugly and I don’t feel bad for killing them”
"Oh this is bad, I feel the blood lust"
"Oh look at that, I- OH DAMMIT I GOT STUCK"
"Uh oh one of those ugly birds is coming and I’m getting so nervous I’m looking at the sky."
"I was attacking a stag and a bird attacked me and I leveled up all at the same time" ‘Well you seem to have handled it ok’  ”I was very very scared”
"Ooh I got a new ability!  Hmm, number two is still my favourite."
"Oh dear I’m going the wrong way again."
"Ooh there’s one of those cats. Ok we’re in dangerous territory now."
"I’m going to get a coffee while I’m dead and nobody can kill me ‘cause I’m already dead."
"When I resurrect do I have to re-arm my tools with the shiny jewel button again?"
"I’ve got two out of the six bucks that I need, I’d really like to finish this before I log off even though I’ve reached my two hour limit."
"Bastard. They move around so quick, I can’t keep my eyes on him!"
"Ok I got my hides, now let’s get out of here before any more of those damn cats jump on me."
"I want to pick the cloak, right?" ‘That’s right, but why do you want to pick the cloak?’ ”To keep me warm and hide me?”
"Oh here’s an easy quest I can do… take list to hippogryph master in Azure Watch. We’re in Azure Watch! I can do this one little thing."
"No thank you, we’ll go flying next time. I’m going to go back to the Inn and call it a day."
So how do you feel about your session today? Any thoughts?
"Today I feel really damn good.  My mood is elevated. I feel… pretty damn good.  I did two levels, I ‘m getting way better at maneuvering. Not expert, I did still get stuck on a rock and a tree but that’s not a big deal. I really enjoyed running around with those - what were those little root thingies called? I can’t remember now. Going after the bucks when they were a higher level than I was was not good. Go after things that are at or below your own level to get experience that are easier to kill. That gave me a lot of confidence then to go after the bucks."

Noritam and Vier

Mom on the left and me on the right!

Day Five

Time played: 1 hour
Quests completed: 1
Beginning level: 5
Ending level: 5
Today Mom got to travel to Azure Watch.  We learned how to use the mailbox and how to set and use our hearthstone. We also learned about aggressive mobs and how to run away from them. She figured out on her own that she needed to activate her Seal of Command in order to use her new ability, which impressed me. She was also able to travel all the way to Azure Watch from the Crash Site by herself, without running into anything or falling off a cliff.  Click-to-Move has been very helpful in that regard. She also learned how to use guild chat and met Frost(Labbattblue) and Cross, who reassured her that swearing at mobs is acceptable and even encouraged.
Mom’s Thoughts:
"I got to talk to your guild! And they talked back! That thrilled me to no end."  
"I didn’t know I was swearing that time, the fact that I did it and don’t recall that I was doing it tickles me."
"I didn’t realize while it was going on but when you brought it to my attention that I went and did shit while i was gone, I didn’t get stuck on a tree or a rock you didn’t have to come rescue me, I did a quest"
"and I really want a pet! I don’t care about mounts so much but I really wanna get high enough so I can have my own pet"

Day Four

Time Played: 2 hours
Quests completed: 5
Beginning level: ?
Ending level: 5
Discovered click-to-move today. This made a HUGE difference and has improved her ability exponentially. Called a Blood Elf Scout a bastard.  Think we might have a natural WoW player on our hands!

Day Three

Time played: ?
Quests completed: ?
Beginning level: ?
Ending level: ?
More time spent working on controls. Ended up zoomed in to first-person view, RP walking, normal camera controls. This was easiest for her to deal with. Experienced death in-game for the first time.

Day Two

Time Played: approx. 3 hours
Quests Completed: 1
Beginning level: 2
Ending level: ?
More time learning controls. Spent a lot of time RP walking around trying to get used to changing the camera angle and steering her toon. We tried inverting the controls and that seemed to help. 

Day One - Weds. Nov. 27th

Time played : approx. 5 hours
Quests completed: two
Beginning level: 1
Ending level: 2
A lot of time today was spent on learning how to move and how to interact with the game. Steering was difficult, as was managing her camera angle. We spent a lot of time RP walking everywhere because the default run speed was “way too fast!”. Always a courteous gamer, Mom was worried about taking too long with the first quest-giver.  ”What if other people need to talk to him?!”
Mom’s Thoughts:
"Overwhelming. I can’t think of words big enough to say how overwhelmed I was."

About My Mom

I finally managed to convince my Mom to play WoW!  She has chosen to play a Draenei Paladin, with the intention of speccing Holy. 
Mom’s Thoughts:
I picked a Draenei for a very specific reason - something in its description. “uncorrupted”. I can pronounce it. The home world is “Argus”, which has personal meaning.  And Orcs tried to wipe us out so Orcs are bad and that they tried to wipe us out is pissing me off.  And the Draenei base is on Azuremyst Isle and I love the colour azure and i like ‘mysts” instead of “mists” and i always wanted to live on an island. 
Why did i pick a paladin? It’s a hybrid class so there’s flexibility because i can either be a healer a tank or a DPS and I don’t know what DPS is but the fact that I could be a healer is why I picked that one. I read the other healers and, I don’t know, this seemed more versatile. i like that we have auras and blessings and seals that provide useful buffs for other players because that’s what I want to do, I want to help other players while withstanding heavy physical damage with plate armour and strong defensive abilities.  And paladins are considered to be holy knights. 
A paladin is always useful and i want to be useful. 
Healers are the only reason that I would ever consider playing.  Shaman was the other one I looked at but Paladins were more versatile. ‘healers are typically the second most in demand’
healers - hide around the corner and stay alive so you can help.  ’the best thing i can do in a battle is hide and not get dead and not attack anybody’