Saturday, December 7, 2013

Day Six

Time Played: 2h 31m
Quests Done: 1
Beginning Level: 5
Ending Level: 7
Today we learned a bit more about aggressive mobs and what that means when we’re running around in the wilderness. We learned how to run away from these mobs very effectively. We learned that staying on or near the path results in fewer mobs trying to eat us.
We got our Hammer of Justice ability and learned how to use stuns. We also started actually running places instead of RP walking. 
We learned how to vendor items and how to sort our inventory.
Mom was asking about using strategy to fight mobs and was relieved and a bit excited to hear that this would come in its own good time.
Mom’s Thoughts: (Vier in italics)
"I want to log in and get this done, it’s bugging me to have this thing accepted and not work on it."
"I gotta get better at just running around ‘cause I’m getting sick and tired of getting turned around"
"Those little ugly things are really good to kill, my experience goes up way faster.  Couple more of those little buggers and… … … they’re easier to kill, too"
"I actually don’t mind killing these little buggers, they’re ugly and they…"  ’they’re what? you didn’t finish your sentence.’ ”that’s because I’ve honed in on one here. They’re ugly and I don’t feel bad for killing them”
"Oh this is bad, I feel the blood lust"
"Oh look at that, I- OH DAMMIT I GOT STUCK"
"Uh oh one of those ugly birds is coming and I’m getting so nervous I’m looking at the sky."
"I was attacking a stag and a bird attacked me and I leveled up all at the same time" ‘Well you seem to have handled it ok’  ”I was very very scared”
"Ooh I got a new ability!  Hmm, number two is still my favourite."
"Oh dear I’m going the wrong way again."
"Ooh there’s one of those cats. Ok we’re in dangerous territory now."
"I’m going to get a coffee while I’m dead and nobody can kill me ‘cause I’m already dead."
"When I resurrect do I have to re-arm my tools with the shiny jewel button again?"
"I’ve got two out of the six bucks that I need, I’d really like to finish this before I log off even though I’ve reached my two hour limit."
"Bastard. They move around so quick, I can’t keep my eyes on him!"
"Ok I got my hides, now let’s get out of here before any more of those damn cats jump on me."
"I want to pick the cloak, right?" ‘That’s right, but why do you want to pick the cloak?’ ”To keep me warm and hide me?”
"Oh here’s an easy quest I can do… take list to hippogryph master in Azure Watch. We’re in Azure Watch! I can do this one little thing."
"No thank you, we’ll go flying next time. I’m going to go back to the Inn and call it a day."
So how do you feel about your session today? Any thoughts?
"Today I feel really damn good.  My mood is elevated. I feel… pretty damn good.  I did two levels, I ‘m getting way better at maneuvering. Not expert, I did still get stuck on a rock and a tree but that’s not a big deal. I really enjoyed running around with those - what were those little root thingies called? I can’t remember now. Going after the bucks when they were a higher level than I was was not good. Go after things that are at or below your own level to get experience that are easier to kill. That gave me a lot of confidence then to go after the bucks."

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