Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Day Seven

Time Played: 2h 30m
Quests Done: 5
Beginning Level: 7
Ending Level: 8

We seem to have graduated fully to running normally and not RP walking. Hooray! Today was an exercise in patience as we re-learned how to accept and complete quests. She's also managed to change some setting somewhere that's preventing her from zooming out of first-person view, and now she's decided that her screen is too cluttered. This is obviously very frustrating to deal with, so if anyone has any ideas as to which setting(s) she might have changed, please leave a comment!  We managed to figure it out, she'd unbound her zoom out keybind somehow.  Whew!
We also got a handle on swimming.

Mom's Thoughts:

"Bastard! Where did you come from?" You walked right into it. "Three days away is toooo long."
"Now how do I walk in between all these tables and chairs?"
"There's so many names."
"How can I be going the wrong way?"
"Wow, it's so cool" (talking about Exodar)
"Oh, that wasn't the building, that was an arch."
"We turned into ghost cats!  ... I can't see."
"How come he started attacking me before I even accepted the quest?! Bastard! I don't even know what he was!"
"Holy shit"

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  1. This still makes me laugh! It was really neat turning into a Spirit Cat while doing the totems quest.