Sunday, December 22, 2013

Fishing and more - Noritam posts

I felt bad about getting in another players way last time I logged in and figured
the weekend would be a high-traffic time in-game so I spent it researching.  Read up on my class and specialization.

Today I logged in and spent several hours review every button on my taskbar and reading all the info provided there.  I headed over to Icy-veins to see if their quest guide differed from others that I've read so far and ended up spending a fair bit of time reviewing her/his Winter veil Guide.  What an informative guide!  I was quite disappointed though to discover that there's not much for a low-level player to do during the festive season.  So back to grinding away and working on leveling up.

Got momentarily distracted by Icy-veins Healing Guide.  "More than any other role, healing is about precision and reaction. Your ability to perform your role will be strongly affected, every step of the way, by the ease with which you can input commands to your character.

Tanks and DPS players do, sometimes, have to make split-second decisions, and these decisions can sometimes impact the outcome of the encounter. Healers, on the other hand, have to make this kind of decision every time that they use a spell."

uh oh.

given my slowness in reaction and mental processing times.... maybe this isn't for me?

On the other hand, "We feel that it is a very good investment to spend a large amount of time tweaking and tuning your interface."  yup yup, been doing lots of reading and spent lots of time in-game today learning about my interface, so, ... maybe this is for me?

Phew!  I spent way too much time in game today!  I'm guessing that is a common

Last week I did a LOT of reading.  Today I figured I'd better just log in quick before opening any other browser window or another day would go by surfin' and not questin'.

I've tweaked my mouse sensitivity [a little tip from a comment on a post who-knows-where by someone-I've-forgotten] and boy did that ever make a difference!  I was twirlin' all over the place!  also meant I had to re-learn moving around!

Okay, gonna do bullet points of notes from my notebook and not try to craft readable story-like sentences and paragraphs, I'll leave that up to Vier.

Dec. 17

  • - I am confused about companion vs battle vs wild pets.
  • - I am confused about Talents vs Skills vs Professions
  • - read thru Pets Journal, Guild Journal, Achievements Journal, Spell Book.  Apparently I fell 65 yards w/out dying last login and received an achievement for it!  [I wonder when/where that happened?]
  • - read Icy Veins Winter Veil Guide and was disappointed that not much festivity for low level creatures such as myself.
  • - I wonder what a scenario is?

Dec. 18

  • - Reviewed bookmarks and did some browser housekeeping.
  • - re-read articles on Camera Control and Mouse Turning - I still can't turn quickly when some mob attacks me from behind.
  • - read up on  Cooking, Archeology, Fishing and First-Aid.  Read that First-Aid is useless for a Holy Paladin because of my self-healing abilities.  And that Fishing is a good money maker.  Really?  Gawd.  I hate fishing IRL, I wonder if it's any more thrilling in-game. ugh.
  • - read that Alt-Tab takes you out of game to a browser window without logging you out of the game, will have to try that.
  • - read that you should start with two Gathering professions in low level then change to a Production profession higher up.

Dec. 19 & 20 - sick days.

Dec. 21

  • - kissed a winter reveler and got some mistletoe
  • - headed back to Ammen Vale to do the quests I missed.
  • - went to see some chick at the river crossing between Ammen Vale and Azure Watch [pfft!  my memory for geography sucks!] and learned how to fish.  Did some fishing... did some more fishing ... and yet more fishing.  Nope, in-game fishing is no damn better than IRL.  
  • - back to Azure Watch with the Red Snappers, and then ... ... I got my first pet!  
  • - I was so excited I had to tell someone to I just blurted to the Guild and no one lol'd in my face!  Got talking to Thunderbutt and Labbatttblue - Thunderbutt talked me thru adding a friend [YaY! I have a friend!] I told them Vier would be proud.
  • Labbattblue advised me to check my mail - oh my, she sent me some pets in the mail!  So did Vier! Holy crap, I have 5 pets now --- five! Such a lucky Draenei am I!
  • - I started fooling around with my journals and such and oh boy did I get myself in a mess. I finally swallowed my pride and called Vier on the phone.  I had my fishing rod stuck to my back and couldn't pick up my axe again.  No way am I going to Bloodmyst Isle with a fishing rod on my back, you just know there's gonna be uglies over there.  It took awhile, but Vier finally figured I had my action bar locked, and yes that was the problem.  Got my axe back on, taunted Dahn a bit in chat [eek!], said ciao for now to Vier and headed over to Bloodmyst Isle.
  • - Did two pet battles on my way over there and while doing my quests. I really need some pointers on how the Pet Battles work, Vier says she doesn't do that. [really, there's part of the game she doesn't partake in? humph]
  • - Did two quests over there when my rumbling tummy made me look at the time and I realized I'd been in-game for over eight hours, hadn't eaten, and went way past medication time.  Back to Azure Watch to log-out and have some food.

Then because some guildees were asking if I was still bloggin and because Vier said it had been over a week since I'd reported in, figured I'd better make a post and here we are.

Now it's your turn blog readers, I have some questions:

Q1. What is "Realm Connection"?

Q2. When you log-in, or just before you log-in, where do you go to get the "news of the day", either technical [patches, hotfixes] or social [in-game events, forums]?

Q3. Anyone know a lot about Herbalism and care to give me some clues on what to do with or how to use the two green gathering herb icons?  Vier said I should just click on some herbs and I tried that but nothing happened.  When I was killing some mobs at Bloodmyst Isle, some very pretty flowers spawned around some corpses and I tried every combo of left and right clicking and gathered zip. Gotta learn more about how this all works.

Oh, and I did try the Winter Veil something-works thingy outside the Exodar and turned myself into a little gnome I think.  yikes!  I tried to use the  Mistletoe on some random player, I think at Ammen Vale, and it did nothing.  Or rather, I did it wrong!  At Bloodmyst Isle my bags were full so I had to dump the mistletoe to make room for a bit of loot.

That's all for today.  It's been a long one and I'm sure I've forgotten as much as I've

Fishing - Game Guide - World of Warcraft: "Fishers relax and feed themselves by catching the bounty of Azeroth's lakes and seas."

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  1. 1. Realms are Blizzard's name for the servers that hold the game data. There's hundreds of realms! So some have a smaller population than others and become like ghost towns. Blizzard is connecting many of these low population realms to fix this.

    2. Do you like podcasts? There's many great, free wow podcasts. For new players, listen to:
    -Hearthcast (very casual)
    -Tauren Think Tank (great discussion)
    -The Instance (funny, sometimes off-topic)
    -convert to raid (news and in-depth info)

    3. Herbs you can pick will show their name when you put your cursor over them. Your minimap should show herbs as little yellow dots. Right click to gather it when standing next to one.

    Some low level herbs to look for: Peacebloom, Silverleaf, Earthroot

    The two herbalism icons in your professions journal: one is just the herbalism icon, it serves no purpose. The other is a small self-healing spell. You can drag this to your action bar! You probably shouldn't use this, except for a free heal after a fight.

  2. What Fargabarga said is right.
    It sounds like when you tried to pick the flowers you weren't actually trying to pick an actual herb. Some people spawn flowers when they die due to an item they got from the Tillers in Pandaria. Those flowers aren't herbs, they are actually just a spell effect. Confusing, right? Well I promise, if you play the game long enough, you will eventually become unconfused about many things.

    A REAL herb will show up all glittery on your screen. Also, if you have herb tracking turned on on your mini-map, it will show up as a yellow dot as Fargabarga described.

    Best of luck!

  3. Fargabarga and Satolah Fists: thank you both for your time and tips! Very helpful. I'm going now to figure out how to turn herb tracking on my mini-map.
    I guess it will all come in time. I do feel pressure to level up quickly though, sitting at level 11 and seeing almost everyone else at 90 and knowing 100 is coming -- looks like a loooong way to go and many scary monsters to encounter. Anyhoo: best tidbits I just got from you two is about the icons and the tracking. Oh and the diff between a real herb and spell flowers - doh! Thanks a bunch guys.

    I've not enjoyed podcasts much but will head over and give them a listen, there's so much to learn and I am getting tired of reading! For now it's back to the game and getting up the nerve to tackle Bloodmyst Isle!