Saturday, December 7, 2013

Day Five

Time played: 1 hour
Quests completed: 1
Beginning level: 5
Ending level: 5
Today Mom got to travel to Azure Watch.  We learned how to use the mailbox and how to set and use our hearthstone. We also learned about aggressive mobs and how to run away from them. She figured out on her own that she needed to activate her Seal of Command in order to use her new ability, which impressed me. She was also able to travel all the way to Azure Watch from the Crash Site by herself, without running into anything or falling off a cliff.  Click-to-Move has been very helpful in that regard. She also learned how to use guild chat and met Frost(Labbattblue) and Cross, who reassured her that swearing at mobs is acceptable and even encouraged.
Mom’s Thoughts:
"I got to talk to your guild! And they talked back! That thrilled me to no end."  
"I didn’t know I was swearing that time, the fact that I did it and don’t recall that I was doing it tickles me."
"I didn’t realize while it was going on but when you brought it to my attention that I went and did shit while i was gone, I didn’t get stuck on a tree or a rock you didn’t have to come rescue me, I did a quest"
"and I really want a pet! I don’t care about mounts so much but I really wanna get high enough so I can have my own pet"

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