Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Noritam Posts!

Time Played: 2h 15m
Quests Done: 3?
Beginning Level: 8
Ending Level: 9

Noritam posts:

Today I learned that, just as in life, skills you don't use, you lose.  I felt extremely clumsy and inept today and I seem to have forgotten most of the basics.  Too frustrating for my dear Vier on her special day.

Not only in game, but juggling the phone and the game today was a challenge.  -rolls eyes-

I ended up taking a few extra hippogryph rides because I forgot to click on the quest title to get directions between tasks on the quest.

I did navigate fairly well today, I thought.  I got over to Still-something pine with swimming and turning into a ghostly black cat following a spirit from a totem in a quest.  That was fun.  But the beasts I had to get keys from, to unlock the caged furries, well, they were just plain cranky.

Died a few times from them and forgot how to release my spirit so sat around, dead, wasting time and when my time was up and I clicked the button to come alive again [I thought], poof! there I was in the graveyard with lots of running ahead. grrr.

My last quest of the day I thought would be an enjoyable one... wander in the forest and gather some azure snapdragon bulbs.  It was a very pretty forest and the azure snapdragons were so shimmery and sparkly, I was having a very nice time until I gathered my first bulb.  Then the hunt was on.  By this time, because of my inept IRL juggling of the communications line, I was on my own, under attack by several beasts and cranky plants and I spent some more time being dead.

I did learn to efficiently release my spirit, find my body [navigate to the tombstone on the mini-map], and be there when my dead time was over.  Every time I gathered a bulb, I got killed [by little plants no less, how embarassing].

Finally I had 4 of 5 required bulbs, took my dead time to grab a bite to eat, increase my caffeine level and generally rejuvenate IRL in preparation for the last gather and finishing the quest.  While I was girding my loins so to speak, Vier came back to find me sprawled lifeless in the middle of a path.

Vier demonstrated some awesome skill and agility and showed me how a real WoW player zaps the enemy.  She pretty much cleared the forest of beasts, cranky plants and other uglies while I bumbled around looking for my last bulb.  What seemed like forever later, I finally found the darn thing, headed back to Azure Watch to turn them in and return to my inn for some much needed rest.

While I tallied my loot from today and generally looked around feeling safe at long last, Vier entertained by dancing and showing off some of her outfits.  Dan, the turtle hat looks ridiculous, we must get it away from her.

I'm done, and done.  I hardly remember most of what went on today, it's all a blur.  Exhausted but looking forward to getting back in game sooner rather than later, don't want to go through this rusty skills business again any time soon.

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