Saturday, December 28, 2013

First Night At Blood Watch

I took a few days to recover from Christmas Eve/Morning.  Phew!  That Orc attack took a lot out of me!

Today it is time to clean-up some outstanding business.  From my reading I learned that to finish  the buggy "Show Gnomercy" quest I had to abandon it, re-aquire it and then complete it.  Easy Peasy.

I went into Tide's Hollow to defeat  Warlord Sriss'tiz and did a fair bit of mining along the way and inside the cave.  Did a couple more pet battles then back to Odesyus' Landing to empty my bags and generally tidy up for a trip over to Silvermyst Isle.

At Silvermyst Isle, huh, I can't believe I was ever so scared with these mutated owls! Met some night elves and helped them out.  It was strange on the escort quest, hard to keep pace with Magwin until I remembered I could slow down to walking speed!  Ah, yes -- I remember the days when running was too fast for me to maneuver!

OK, no more dawdling ... off to Bloodmyst Isle I go, where there are over 60 quests to do and as much as the place creeps me out, I guess I'm gonna have to set my hearthstone there, though in my heart, Azure Watch will always be home.

Ugh.  Bloodmyst Isle is as much fun as I imagined it would be.  Terrible mobs, dreary scenery, no pet battles, no fishing.  Yes.  I admit it.  I like fishing in-game now.  [~~bows to Dahn~~] It's something relaxing I can do one-handed while I have a snack IRL or a coffee and a smoke.  I have my own secret, quiet, fishing hole too, but alas, I am far from there now.  

I've learned how to repair my armor and weapons.  Vier told me to check their status after I told her, in detail, how the Orc raid went.  She mentioned with all the fighting [and dying] that I did, perhaps my weapons and armor had degraded. Ack!  Yup, they sure had.  Thank goodness I learned about that before I came over here, I've had to repair stuff twice tonight with all the mob madness.

Up to level 17, two action bars in play now [not counting a third hidden one that I only pull out in a safe place to smelt, forge, and cook].

Oh, I never thought I'd ever see a number beside the shiny gold coin in my backpack and now it's at 2!  Ya, a whole 2 -- my mind boggles when reading some of the guides and they're talking about hundreds of gold at a time for this, that, and the other thing.  Where does all the gold come from?

Got a nice surprise before heading to bed, I checked my mail and some loot that I had abandoned due to lack of bag space was mailed to me!  How sweet!

Settled in for the night at Blood Watch.  Might have to take a craft day to shake off the Bloodmyst Creeps!

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