Friday, March 14, 2014

WoD Preorder!!

You know what that means... free level 90 boost!!!!

I chose to boost my Horde Orc Hunter on Blackhand. Gosh it sure is different playing a character with shit gear!  You spawn with a full set of 483 greens on the Timeless Isle.  I managed to get her iLvl up to 506 and do the full SoO LFR this week, so now I'm running around Timeless Isle killing stuff trying to get some more mail armour tokens. I still have to replace my 483 shoulders, a trinket, and a ring.

Mom decided that she wants to level Noritam through the content, which I think is a wise decision.  So she was trying to decide what character to make to use her 90 boost on.  Through my superior powers of persuasion, I convinced her to roll a hunter.  (luckily for my powers of persuasion, she didn't need much convincing!) She made a female dwarf hunter called Sushel (yeah I don't get it either). She did some leveling first to familiarize herself with the class.

We dealt with a griefer when I was trying to show Mom how to tame a pet.  I told him off good and proper, then blocked him.  Take that, random asshole!

And then, poof!  Just like that Sushel was level 90. Now it's time to set up her talents and actionbars! Hooray!

It was a challenge trying to figure out a logical setup for her actionbars without having the extra 12 mouse buttons that I have, but I think I managed to work something out!

Getting Sushel some armour on Timeless Isle. Did some acrobatics on the tightrope treasure chest. I hope Mom was suitably impressed!

We discovered that getting a free lvl 90 is perhaps not the utopia we had imagined.

Sushel helped Vin find her lost balloons in Stormwind. Hooray for being a good citizen!

You'll have to ask Mom for screenshots from our adventures today, I was too busy trying to get her stuff figured out ;)


  1. Re: Sushel. Noritam [a name I regret, but, whatev], has been shortened to Nor. With Sealybrooke, I rolled the randomizer and this was the second suggestion. Promptly shortened by Siebel to Sealy. With the Dwarf, again with the randomizer, a gazillion refreshes later and Sushel popped up. What's the first syllable of the name that it will be shortened to? And there you have it -- Sue. duh.

  2. screenshots to follow. have a craft deadline irl that needs tending to, plus Nor to get thru outland, Sealy sittin' in a tree at level 10 and now this all powerful dwarf that I don't even know what to start with. fishing and cooking... off to get the slitherskin mackeral recipe, and back to my fave fishing hole, and what the heck, blast some timberstriders for the eggs! cool beans! pics to follow at a later date, I did make sure to take a shot of me standing on a dead bird! Oh, and my first hunter pet assignment? My second least fave critter, a bear. I shall name him Red Bear.