Sunday, February 15, 2015

OMG - The L00tz!

Gotta learn about Garrisons A.S.A.P.!

Look at the loot these guys drop!

Lunarfall Cavedweller  [scroll down to read the "Drops (76) list - for the non-WoW readers, these are super awesome things I've been looking for for a long, long time!]  I caught my Sea Turtle in Panda Land, but the bone fishing pole and the fishing hat ... Must. Get. Them. ! 

Not to mention the Noble's Monocle, Diamond-Tipped Cane, and Battered Jungle Hat to "Dress my Bank Alt for Luxurious Success"!  Doesn't every Banker need a Black Cheetah print hat?

I just did the quest chain to open my level 1 Fishing Shack last night, [THANK YOU FREYAK!] so there's lots of work to do but ... look at the l00tz!

I'm officially back in WoW-mode.  Thanks to Red Bear and her suggestion of wrist braces for sleeping, I almost have full use of my hands again.

After "Love is in the Air" I'm feeling WoW-able again.  Not surprising to those who know me and my cognitive difficulties, but turning on the WoW machine after a six-week absence is almost like starting over.

A few circuits of Ironforge, Stormwind, Uldum, Exodar, Darnassus - for the event dailies helped to get back into the swing of things.

I even braved the Faire again.  I've decided to stick with the easy profession quests per Faire event and eventually I'll be able to get the Tallstrider mount and pet.

I obtained the pink tallstrider pet from Love is in the Air and knocked off a few of the easier achievements.  Now I'm waiting to see if my Love Tokens and Lucky Charms persist in the bank after the event is over or if I have to start from scratch again next year.  Crossing my fingers they stay.  I've decided that I need all of the Tallstrider Mounts.  [Don't know why, can only ride one at a time!  But Vier's Mount-a-holic ways must be rubbing off on me!]

Speaking of Vier, she found me an achievement buddy! w00t w00t!

Kitty and I met in Vier's Castle last night and got to know each other a bit. After Kitty and Vier showed off all their amazing toys, Kitty and I sat in front of her roaring fire and chatted.  Eventually Vier came and joined us and it was very sweet.  Vier says, and Kitty confirms, that Kitty likes to do achievement stuff too.  She insists that he's been duly warned of my lack of cognitive function, ... ... we'll see!

Vier says I should work on my Garrison more, Kitty says, "Forget the Garrison, must do Questing to level first" ... and the argument was on.

Kitty's one of the few people that I've met that can go toe-to-toe with Vier in her voluble sardonic demeanor in chat and even "own" her occasionally to boot!  It's fun to watch!

So there's that.

And, again, WoW proves to be a friendly, helpful environment to play and have fun in.  I was trying to do the quest chain to open my level one fishing shack [I dinged 94 while doing Love is in the Air stuff!] and, as usual, got hopelessly lost.

I ended up in a friendly Alliance outpost in a zone I've never been in before and was totally lost and confused.  I asked in General chat if anyone knew how to get to Frostfire Ridge to fish Fire Ammonite. [As luck would have it, the first daily quest I got to open my shack required that I go into Horde Territory to find some fish eggs to salt my fishing pond!]

Freyak was there and attempted to explain where I needed to go.  Apparently I had the right idea and was in the right place, just couldn't find the hard to see tunnel I needed to take into the scary place.

Freyak ended up meeting me with her/his motorcycle with sidecar to take me through the tunnel and to the Alliance flight master.  I felt better when Freyak took a couple of wrong turns before locating the tunnel and getting us into the right place, all the while being chased by mobs.

Once I had learned the flight path, Freyak took me to the tar ponds to fish for my eggs and even killed the bad, scary, uglies so I could fish in peace.  Once Freyak saw I was fishing contentedly, he/she went back to doing whatever she/he was doing before I stumbled into the outpost.

I would never have gotten my Fishing Shack up and running without Freyak's help.  So, whoever you are, random WoW player Freyak, I am forever indebted to you.

I only hope I can eventually get a passenger mount of my own and start paying forward the kindness I've encountered in this online computer game.


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