Thursday, March 12, 2015

Perfectly Pretty Purple Plate [100th post]

Of course! The most gorgeous plate set I've ever seen comes from an old 25H [twenty-five player heroic] raid.

First, it doesn't have huge sticky-outy shoulder crap.  It is a SKIRT!  A plate skirt!  It is Purple. with bits of orangy-amber shiny. The boobs aren't weirdly accented, lightly colored or encircled with metal. The helmet isn't the most hideous I've seen.  Which doesn't matter as I never show my helmet anyway.  sigh.  it is perfect.

First, you must obtain the 10N [ten player normal] mode items to use as "tokens" to get the 25N [twenty five player normal] mode items to use as "tokens" to get the set I want.

Assuming we have the people to do the runs and all the runs go perfectly and we get the items required in the first attempt, {HA!}, IT STILL MEANS A MINIMUM OF THREE RUNS through the Ice Crown Citadel.
ICC-Lightsworn Garb Recolor

On the one hand, I feel slightly hopeful, it was a run through ICC that I first met Mr. Kitty, the night Vier got her [ugly] Dragon mount.

But, ... still ... that's a lot of running old content to get a transmog set.

Assuming, of course, that I ever get to max level and a decent ilvl set to transmog from in the first place!

And then, I'm still a bit confused about the whole transmog thing.  I know Vier has been consistently wearing her brown horny dinosaur look-a-like set for a bit now.  But, the gear we get through questing, dungeons and raiding is always improving.  In this game, you're always, always looking for better gear.  Does this mean every time you get a new piece you have to re-do the whole transmog?

That's not cheap!

And what if you want to keep a lower level piece for one reason or another?

I have a 400 something level trinket that I am loathe to give up.  It's a Bag of Bombs.  Being a melee fighter, I don't have a plethora of ranged attacks at my disposal and that trinket has saved my butt on more than one occasion.  Either when a mob is at range or when I get into a hairy scary scenario, having an extra bomb or two can be the difference between life and death.  I don't know if I'll ever want to give up my bag of bombs.

Is there such a creature as a serious raider who is also into transmog? Seems to me you can be one or the other.  Either care about your character's looks or be a serious fighter.

In other news ...

I'm spending some serious time in Hillsbrad Foothills trying to snag a Black Tabby pet. [A 0.01 to 0.03% drop rate]  I've managed a couple of uncommon infested bear cubs and a rare spider.  Haven't seen a Lofty Libram yet, nor the cat carrier.

I've also been spending a lot of time ranging far and wide in Shadowmoon Valley looking for True Iron Ore.  In an attempt to reduce the number of times I get lost, I'm trying something new, I've set my mini-map to be rotating not stationary.  It's weird, but at least it's labeled with N for north now and I can always use that as an orienting function.

Being so heavily involved with maps in my old real life, I think one of the reasons I'm always so lost and confused, [besides the no-brain-function] is that unconsciously looking at the mini-map I equate top with north.  Which I have discovered is very rarely the case.

Very strange set-up these computer games.  Why would you have a map not oriented to north?

Spent several hours fishing this past Wednesday night.  On a lark, I put on my glow worm lure [which lasts for an hour], sitting in my own fishing pond, turned the sound way up and wore my head set as a necklace but could still hear the splash mechanic indicating a hooked fish. ... while Himself and I watched Survivor! 300 fish caught, one a Lunker, and completed the Fire Ammonite daily quest without having to go to Frostfire Ridge and watched Survivor.  win-win.

Later that gaming session I had discovered that the Draenor food that gives me the most stat enhancement beneficial to my character requires a fish from Nagrand.  YaY! Vier!!  She helped me snag that one flight path in Nagrand that makes it super-simple and safe to bop over and grab some fish!  w00t!

I did venture out and about close to the safe station, but was ever mindful of getting stuck in places I might not be able to get out of.  damn I miss being able to fly.  If I get down someplace, I have to be able to get back out again!

Right by two spawn points of Fat Sleeper Fish Schools is a True Iron Vein that is guarded by a very large 101 Elite Eel.  If I could fly-hop over the river to a rock on the other side, I could reach the ore.  But, even with water-walking that damn eel would eat me before I could get there.  So I have to sit so I can't see the ore vein taunting me while I fish and ignore the bright gold pulsating dot on my mini-map.  DO. NOT. TAKE. ON. THE. EEL!  It would cost me 30+ gold to repair my equipment after dying from the eel and probably still no ore.  Better off to tackle the annoying podlings in Shadowmoon Valley!  grrr.

So that's where our WoW mind is at.  Contemplating Plate Beauty, snagging the elusive Black Tabby, fishing and amassing quantities of True Iron Ore.

Back at the Garrison, I've assigned a follower to my Forge, upgraded my Storehouse with my bank and now, access to the guild bank, tore down my Inn and put up a Trading Post in its stead.  Upgraded my fishing shack to level 2.

Still sitting myself at level 97.  No questing lately.


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