Wednesday, April 4, 2018

A Goal: Darkmoon Faire

Darkmoon Faire Goals Wowhead Guide

Tharynn Bouden
Innkeeper Farley Goldshire
Reputation buffs:  Darkmoon Top Hat [1 hour: consumed on use] and  WHEE! [5 minutes: free] Note: Do not stack up Hats, they disappear when the Faire closes each month.  Not only do they only work while the Faire is active, they DISAPPEAR.

Goals: Complete all the Darkmoon Prize Ticket Reward Tasks.

For Noritam and all alts:

  • I have the Crow, Cub, Glowfly, Hatchling, Turtle, Tonk, Zeppelin, Ghostshell Crab, and Sea Pony. 
  • I want Eye [pet battle], Hogs  [Whack a Mole, the only game I play that I still haven't won. Keep trying.], Jubling [need to study and figure out the requirements - confusing], Moon MoonSyd the Squid [Pet Battle] and the Darkmoon Rabbit.
  • I feel meh! about - Balloon, Monkey, Race MiniZep Controller
  • Vanity and Transmog Armor, only after I have everything else I want.
  1. First Item to spend my tickets on Swift Forest Strider. 180  I have wanted this mount since I won the Nobelgarden Strider and was SO disappointed that it wasn't PINK! Other Mounts
Darkwater Skate for 500 Darkmoon Daggermaw fish. 
  1. Second items to spend my tickets on are the Heirloom Gear for each armour specialty and the upgrade items to go with.  I need some help figuring out which ones to get and which are the correct upgrade items. 

Heirloom Prizes: Daenrand Dawncrest sells PvE heirlooms, which can fit into your Heirloom Collections tab and count towards  Chauffeured Chopper. [collect 35 Heirlooms, I have less than 15 right now, so if each alt collects their own type I should get the chopper] 6.1 Heirloom Collection System Note: Clinking Present for the chopper comes in the mail, not in your bag.

First a plate set for a Protection Paladin.  I think I'll next roll a Gnome Engineer Pally to be a Tank.  hmmm, can gnome's be paladins? I'll have to check.

I still need to roll a Wolverine to get the raven pet. I digress.

When I get extra tickets, I'll go for the Noblewoman's Skirt and Finery sold by Chester and other cosmetic items. Crap!  I'll have to get the Sparkle Pony toy for Jenn. [Sparklepony XL toy = 150 tickets
Boomie Sparks sells the  Sparklepony XL toy in addition to fireworks. Will create fireworks when you jump on your mount over a 15 second period.]

Barum and Baruma <Replica Armor Prizes> cost 520 tickets per set.  See here for what they look like.

OK, my head is spinning.  There are tonnes more new stuff and old stuff to read but this is enough for a start.

😻 Remembering Jenn: Jenn was working on the Heirloom Gear list for me when she died. Thank Goodness she never got the Whistle! 

One thing Jenn loved more than anything was doing annoying things. It was all fun and games when she kicked a soccer ball to you, splatted you with a pumpkin to turn you orange or a turnip to turn you pink, but that goddamn fucking train used to make me crazy. 

Whenever I was taking too long reading a quest description or sorting my bags or bank and she got bored, she'd throw the train down.  Which made everything take longer because I'd have to try and remember which item made the sound stop, find it, use it and then go back to sorting or reading.

Once the toy box came into being though it was better for me.  She'd run through the "change your look" toys and then the "change your size" toys. Then if I was still taking too long she'd go through the throwing toys, starting with the ones that changed MY appearance.

One of the worst things I saw her do was throw out a Bling-a-Tron INSIDE a tent. So people would know it was out, but couldn't find it. 

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