Thursday, April 24, 2014

Lost in Space

Cyber-Space that is.  Ever since the Liebster Award I've been all over the internets, reading about Nobelgarden, spending way too much time on Wowhead, and jumping from WoW Blog to WoW Blog.  There are so many!

Every day when I wake up I tell myself just to log in to WoW and get on with it, and every day I don't.  See, I did something silly last login and I'm feeling a lot of trepidation about logging in again.  I've done all the Daily Fishing and Cooking Quests in Stormwind and I really have to summon the courage to get Noritam leveled out of Outland.  So, I went to Shattrat City, set my hearthstone there, and logged out.

Then, I read that the spring World Event, Nobelgarden is on and wouldn't you know it, happens in the starter zones.  Then I realized that every other time I've been in Outland, I've used my hearthstone to go back to Stormwind so I don't actually know how to get there now!  I need to get to Stormwind to catch a boat to Teldrassil, to catch a boat back to Azuremyst Isle.  So overwhelming!  Maybe I'll just check wowhead first.

That's always a mistake because I end up with three browser windows open, with twenty tabs open in each one as I right click on, "oh, I should learn more about that", and "hmm, ... maybe this guide will tell me how to get out of Outland", and "A Contest! .... yay!  I like to enter contests, oh, ... this one is different, I actually have to solve riddles and search for things on wowhead to enter".  That one took a couple days and I only solved two of the riddles!

Today I was bound and determined to log in and get straight to work, which somehow led to me checking this blog first, reading comments and opening other WoW Blogs to see what they're all about!  Who knew there were so many!  Though, it seems that the majority of WoW Bloggers are Horde!

I also started to craft a tutorial on how to make a blog post and got bogged down in details.  Today, I closed all of those windows and told myself to start over and adhere to the KISS principle. Keep It Simple Stupid!

Something caught my eye on one of the blogs, a blog post entitled Goldshire Inn on Moonguard.  Vier mentioned once that there is a place in WoW that is all about erotic role play.  I'm not a prude by any stretch, but it boggled my mind as to the hows and whys.  So, apparently more than one person has blogged about it and my curiosity has been satisfied.  Well, part of my curiosity.  I now know what it looks like via screenshots but I still don't understand why. 

I've now been awake for enough hours that it's time to eat and I've accomplished absolutely nothing!  Still haven't logged in to the game, and at this rate, Nobelgarden week will be over before I get there, and I won't have to worry about getting back to Azure Watch!  I still have fifteen wow blogs to check out and I suspect that will take me the rest of the day.

On one of the blogs I was reading, it talked about how long it has been since there was new content for level-capped players and it gave a list of different things to do while they wait for WoD to drop.  The first thing I thought of was Help Out a Low Level Player!  

I think something a 90 could do is go back to a favourite zone, or a zone they thought was difficult to level through, and help someone get through it.  One day Vier and I were playing through a zone she didn't care for, and a guildy came by and joined us.  He actually took over helping me out for a couple of hours and it was pretty neat.  She didn't have to babysit me through a zone she didn't like, he didn't mind helping 'cause it was a one off type deal for him, and I enjoyed having someone new to play with.  It made me try harder [so as not to embarrass Vier] on the one hand, and also, I felt freer to ask "dumb" questions. Which in itself spawned a great conversation with Vier afterwards and she told me to always ask, even if I thought it was a dumb question because she doesn't always remember what it was like to be a new player.

I think there should be an "adopt a newbie" roster equivalent to the queue for LFR or the "find a battle" button in Pet Battles.  Newbies and Oldies could enter what zone and level they're at, or are willing to help in, and the game would match us up.

Once I get finished looking at all the blogs I have opened, I'll probably watch some TV and promise myself that tomorrow for sure I'll log in and find enough chocolates to eat to get my Spring Rabbit.  Then, really, I have to get to work and get Noritam leveled up.  She's so close to dinging 65!  Then it's only 25 levels to 90!

I should really get back to a wow schedule with Vier and let her worry about the blog and concentrate on getting to 90.  

We'll see what happens!



  1. There are definitely a great many WoW blogs out there. The longer the game lasts, the more arrive (not a bad thing by any sense).

    As for your Noblegarden issue, sit in Stormwind and ask for a portal to the Shrine. Tip 25g and set your Hearthstone there. Then you have portals to all start zones as well as Outland and Dalaran.

    1. Now that's an idea! I even know how to do that since my Dwarven alt is there right now! Thanks. :)

  2. Well, hopefully WoWhead has helped you out with this already but there's a portal right back to Stormwind In Shattrath, so getting back shouldn't be too hard.
    Aren't there so many neat WoW blogs and resources to read? It's so easy for me to get distracted with them sometimes.

    1. I knew it! I knew it! I knew there HAD to be a portal in Shatt, but as you'll read in the post I'm about to upload, it didn't quite turn out that way!. Thanks for the advice everyone. Next time I'm gonna find that portal, or at least get Vier to show me. Maybe I'll be able to remember!

  3. LOL yes, Goldshire on Moonguard. I remember that. /cough I felt a bit stupid when I went there and had my eyes opened to those things. I mean really, of COURSE there would be somewhere to find them... I guess you just gotta know where.

    1. I'm so glad you went and took screenshots too! Now my curiosity is satisfied and I don't have to figure out how to switch realms or servers and how to fake-it-til-i-make-it role play! LOL

      Before level 10, some guy, well a male toon, hit on me in Odesyus' Landing. It had been so long since I had "heard a line" that it didn't dawn on me what he was doing. He was seeing the Draenei, and I have to admit between the female Night Elf, Blood Elf and Draenei - I can't decide which is the sexiest.
      I just LOL'd at him and pranced away.

  4. "adopt a newbie" is a wonderful idea, especially at this time in an expansion. And Vier is right, after a while it's hard to remember what it was like to be new.

    Yup, just go into the big dome building in Shatt where the big glowy guy A'dal is and look around the perimeter and you'll see two portals, one Ally and one for Horde to get those chocolates!

    1. That's exactly where I went looking! But, of course I didn't see it. My spatial awareness is akin to a teenager looking for something in the fridge. If it's not front and center on the top shelf, I don't see it. Sometimes even when I do see it, I don't know what I'm seeing!

      Tonight, Vier was at the farm for supper and as I was telling her about my adventures yesterday she said I should find an RP server! Reading Tome of the Ancient has really let loose my inclination to talk about things through my toons eyes. I know Nor and Sush are very different, I don't know how Saely fits in yet. Sushe wouldn't be caught dead in a dress and Nor wanted the Elegant Dress so badly! Spoiler alert: she got it! and one for Saely too! :)

  5. There are no dumb questions! You need only listen to the awesome people like those above.
    I was floored at people getting drunk, etc, in-game.... so am no longer surprised to learn there are even places to have a romping good time as well. All from the privacy of your own home. Isn't the world a fun place to be?!?!
    Keep on truck'n!!

    1. I'm amused that in this instance we're so opposite. I was not phased in the slightest when I learned about all the alcohol in the game, but this!

      If you don't know how, next skype craft, I'll walk you through how to get to Navie's blog. Better yet, I'll go there and send you the link.

      But, I have to get this post done and get to sleep -- [dances in chair] it's a craft day tomorrow. Yay!