Monday, April 28, 2014

RNG Gods & Nobelgarden - Part One

The RNG Gods were very kind to me yesterday and I participated in the World Event: Nobelgarden.  I don't know if that's one word or two, I've seen both equally, but, as my first world event solo, I had an absolute blast!

[RNG: random number generator aka luck!]

Before I could participate though, I had to get there.  I've recently made Shattrat City my home and I've never traveled from there to anywhere, it's always been about the getting to Outland, not getting back.  I'm sure there must be a portal in the city to take me to Stormwind, but damned if I could find it.  Before I got mad and gave up I decided to just backtrack the route that I use to get to Outland, to get out of Outland.  

Took a hippogryph to the Dark Portal.  As soon as I got on the other side, in the Blasted Lands, I remembered -- I have this dude's ashes I've been carrying around in my bags since we were last questing here. [Loramus' Ashes]  They are a quest item so I couldn't ditch them, I mean, physically I could, but I couldn't, ya know?  

These are someone's ashes and I have to take them to where they belong.  [Have a look at this comment if you want some of Loramus' story.  I wonder if we'll be seeing him in Draenor?]

It actually was easy to find the place, because the quest was still in my journal. I just turned the tracking on, which put the big yellow arrow on my mini map, fire up my Ebon Hippogryph and we're off.  Place the ashes on the platform, the dude will hover, keep him alive from the uglies that are trying to kill him, and you're done.  

I wish I wrote down the info on the guy that helped me, but I didn't.  He was in shadowform [so a priest, or do druids, mages or any other class have a shadow form too?  I don't know], I didn't write down his name, guild, ... nothing.  Shame on me.  I never would have finished it if it wasn't for him.  Thank You Random Shadowform Dude!

He showed me that instead of standing on the platform and healing the guy, [blush] I had to get down on the ground and kill the things that were beaming blasts of red ugly at him.  I don't know long he was killing them before I noticed, clued in, and did it myself. My helper even stood back and made sure I killed them all and accomplished the task.  

When I just stood there, dead bodies piled all around, he walked back towards the platform. Paying attention this time, I walked back up there, and a pale yellow question mark was floating in mid-air.  Great.  [no, not really, not great, not great at all, a sarcastic great]

This isn't done yet.  No, I have to go back to the Serpents Coil and find the dude who's ashes I brought, who I kept alive and who is now down in his winding labyrinth under ground waiting for me.  Sigh.  hmm, ashes = dead guy, but I "saved him" so he's alive? This was a bad idea.

Off I go, ... ... ya, ya, ya .... kill the uglies, walk down the twisty tunnel, high five the dude, done and done.  NO!  Not Done! We have to do the Amulet Ritual! 
right click to open in a new tab or new window to read the text

Of course the ritual takes place in the chat window, so I missed it the first time! An aside, Ancient, from Tome of the Ancient, asked me what WoW Quirks I had.  This is one.  I never remember to look at the chat window.  I don't remember a lot of things, but Vier will back me up, not looking at the chat window is the worst!  

OK, the ritual is done. All that's left now is to get me out of this damn twisty tunnel.  Oh, right!  The big pink crystal, that poofs me out the front door.  I remember! 

I actually remembered something!  

I didn't realize it at the time, but that was the beginning of an amazing streak of good luck for me.

Got airborne again, looked at the map ... Surwich!  I know where I am now!  I came here more than a few times to catch Greater Sagefish!  

Took a hippogryph from there to Stormwind, the boat to Rut'theran Village, 
Waiting for The Bravery in Stormwind Harbour
... and the other boat to the Exodar landing and ta da!  
I made it!  

Before nine in the morning too!  w00t!

The Great Egg Hunt can begin!   

But first, while I'm here, I want to ding my dual spec.  I'm still not sure what it means, and I probably don't have to come all the way here to my original trainer to do it, but it's done.  I'll figure it out later, or get Vier or someone to explain it to me.  
Dual Spec -- Check!
Right now, I have some eggs to find. Gee, look at the empty bags!  [above] They won't stay that way for long!

The only thing I really, really wanted was The Elegant Dress.  A very feminine, long sleeved, long dress in, wait for it ... [WoW readers, if you feel the earth tremble, no worries, it's just my daughter, my sister, and my best friend, all rolling their eyes simultaneously] ... peach.  Yes, ... the dress is actually, ... truly, the perfect tone, shade, ... of peach.  With an almost, but not too much, lacy collar.   sigh.  so pretty.
I didn't notice it 'til looking at the screenshots, but in the pic above, several of the Draenei gals are rockin' the orange spectrum.  

Yikes! Gathering eggs turns you into a pink bunny!  

A very speedy pink bunny! 

A little, speedy, pink bunny that poops little easter eggs!

So, with only gathering about 308 eggs, in addition to having enough chocolate to eat my way to the "Chocoholic" Achievement, and five left over for the Nobel Garden Achievement in Stormwind, inside my collected eggs I looted: 

  • 2 Spring Rabbits [a rare pet], 
  • 2 blossoming branches, 
  • 4 spring flowers, 
  • 2 Spring Tuxedos [and an odd assortment of pants], 
  • 2 spring robes, 

[the skirt of the spring robes, I should have taken my tabard and shoulders off, but the top is just a little halter/bra-let thing]

  • a spring circlet, and 
  • a Swift Springstrider [the rare mount].  

I forgot, ... there was a server re-start.  It appears that when I logged back in, I did indeed take a screen shot of the elegant robes and spring circlet without anything else on. [blush] If you're wondering, the Black Spring Circlet has black fur with pink insides and the Pink Spring Circlet has pink fur with blue insides.

Achievement: Sunday's Finest. "Loot the White Tuxedo Shirt and the Black Tuxedo Pants from Nobelgarden eggs."  If you look at the guide I linked to in the title, you'll see that there are two achievements that are strictly luck related.  
Here's the Spring Tuxedo and the Spring Circlet [the ears].

If you're a goal oriented person [uhem, Red Bear], and you were working on completing achievements.  You'd have to get lucky during an event that only runs for one week a year.  That's how you know that I'm never, ever gonna say "I want to get all the Achievements".  Seriously, look at some of them, Nobelgarden Achievements
Laying an egg in a volcanic crater as a rabbit, kissing people that are wearing a certain outfit while you're wearing a certain outfit, shaking flowers at females of each race, above level 18.  Ya, like that's gonna happen!  Not!
l-r: Spring Rabbit in my Pet Journal, my character screen while I'm a pink rabbit, full bags!
I could not believe it!  While researching the event this past week there is endless moaning about people not being able to find bits and pieces of what they needed to finish an Achievement or find the item they were really hankering for.  I convinced myself that I didn't need the mount, that she was ugly anyways.  That the rabbit was boring, just a plain dirty brown and white normal rabbit, nothing special.  And I certainly didn't want the rabbit ears on a head band that is the spring circlet.  

Just needed to get 50 chocolates to buy the dress.  That's all! 

In my first 100 eggs, after the second rabbit dropped, I caught a little "spring fever" and then the challenge was on, could I collect all the prizes before I got bored of collecting eggs? 

Around egg 200, the rest of the world woke up [I started very early in the morning] and all of the sudden there were little pink bunnies and toons everywhere.  The first time I was reaching for an egg that someone else wanted, I backed off.  Then, someone grabbed one out from underneath my nose and the WoW Lust filled my veins and the hunt was on!  

Those people still wandering around as their toons and not yet a little pink bunny, pfft!, they were easy to outsmart, and too slow to boot!  Because I had been there for a couple hours in the quiet, I already knew where the "sneaky" hides were.  

In a box on the top of a pile of boxes that you couldn't see easily as a bunny.  Behind both guys chopping wood were crevices that always had an egg in them.  On top of the curved wall behind an NPC at the entrance.  Tucked under the hippogryphs' butts at the flight master, inside the plants at all the entrances, ya, you late sleepers aren't gonna get one over on me!
At egg number 203 I couldn't believe it! 
You receive loot: [Swift Springstrider]

I waited to celebrate until I added it to my collection and then I gave out a cheer! 
You have added the mount Swift Springstrider to your collection.

I'm so glad I took the time to add /cheer to a macro and button LOL! 

Now, the icon for the Swift Springstrider would have you belive the Swift Springstrider is flamingo pink.  

Nope, I don't know what to call this washed out, sickly not quite yellow, not quite brown? 

End of part one.  I must call it a night, will be back on Tuesday or Wednesday.

... to be continued.

While you wait, check this out.  While we were talking about RP-ing [role playing, there are servers that are dedicated to role play toons, you must act with your character as if in real life.  No running everywhere, I don't know what all the rules are, but apparently they have a lot of sex!]  Anyway, Vier was telling me of this blog she reads.  The guy is a Tauren [ a very large bull] who wants to be a member of the Stormwind Guards.  [For Red Bear and Aunty Lurky: Taurens, in addition to being absolutely huge and, well, "different" and "special", they belong to the Horde faction.  The Stormwind Guards belong to the Alliance faction.  They are enemies. Think Churchill and Stalin on opposite sides of the Berlin Wall - really enemies.] So this picture blog is about a little boy Tauren who wants to grow up to be a Stormwind Guard.  Hi - lare - ee - ous!

Since it's hosted on Reddit [ I don't do Reddit] and it's an imagur blog [I don't do that either], Vier opened the pages for me, here's the first one: Honrar: A Day in Elwynn


  1. Um ... don't tell anyone but I never remember to look at the chat window either. After all this time you'd think I would learn to but no, I'd rather struggle, lol.

  2. I'm glad to know I'm in such good company! Apparently the one time I went into a raid [with my freshly boosted-90 "greens"], I missed all of the quite nasty chatter in the chat window. That was one time I was glad to have missed "all the action"! LOL

    I am getting a little better at noticing the green guild achievement announcements and try to give a friendly "Gratz" in a timely fashion. But, I miss some of them due to my slowness. -shrugs- oh well, it will come, ... perhaps.