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RNG Gods & Nobelgarden - Part Two

Noblegarden Guide

Since I posted part one, I've spent two days in the craft room, and two days reading wowhead.  Apparently there's a portal from Shattrath straight to the Exodar!  grrr.  I discovered that while reading the guide for Children's Week, which is happening now.  

I don't have the time to do this world event, even though it's Vier's fave event.  I'll save that bit of delight for next year. I don't think I can handle the emotions of mentoring a Draenei Orphan for a week, sending her back to the orphanage in Shatt, and receiving a letter saying what a good time she had and how much she misses me.

 ... ... Nope.  ... .. not going there!  

Must keep my head down and get leveling.  I dinged 65 during Nobelgarden and from my reading, there's much work and excitement ahead at level 70.  New dailies in Shatt, an arduous grind for a Netherwing Mount that is apparently something very special [I think that's the "wow is that cool!" dragon mount I saw when I was being tortured in Booty Bay].[Booty Bay and The Story of the Widowed Strand Crab]  

I still have to get my Warpstalker Hatchling [who is actually for Saelybrooke], and the Unborn Val'kyr [who is apparently necessary for beating the Celestial Tournament in Panda Land], is coming up in Northrend.  

There's a lot of rare pets here in Outland, so I have to work some wild pet battles into my routine.  

But, ... ... before all that, I must finish the story of my Nobelgarden Adventure. 

 Where were we ... ... ah, yes the Swift Springstrider.  I couldn't believe my luck.  While I was sitting there, in a little bit of shock and delight, opening the rest of my eggs, I tuned in to some noticeable sniffing in my vicinity.  Vier says she can't stand the sound a Draenei makes when ... ... I don't remember what, ... but one of the sounds irritates her.  Me, I can't stand the snuffling sound the Worgens make.  It scared the crap outta me one night in Goldshire and it always gets my attention.

Why am I hearing Worgen snuffling in Azure Watch?  Mildly alarmed until I remembered that Worgen are Alliance, though for some reason I think they should be Horde. I looked up to see a poor little Worgen snuffling over her map, [Red Bear and Aunty LurkyWorgens are a race of ... ... I think, humanoid werewolves, and they snuffle a lot.  Loudly.]  She was so lost. She came to Azure Watch without the breadcrumb quest and didn't know what to do.  I took her over to the Spring Collector and Spring Vendor to see if she could get going without the breadcrumb quest, she could.  Then I helped her find her first egg, but someone beat her to it, so I helped her find another one to collect and told her about some of the sneaky hides. [Paying forward the kindness Shadowmeld Dude had started that morning.] Just as she poofed into a little pink bunny and was off to the races, I came to my senses and the Wow Lust dissipated.

I sat down to take stock, figured why not pull my Spring Rabbit out.  Sorted through my bags, my Pet Journal, sat still to eat 75 chocolates for the achievement Chocoholic.  

I had to eat 100 chocolates for the Chocoholic Achievement!
The first 25 gives the Chocolate Lover Achievement, then 75 more for Chocoholic.

Because I had my Spring Rabbit out, I got to see two of them make baby bunnies!  I haven't looked at my screenshots as I type this, so hopefully I captured the blessed event! LOL
Top right: 2 Spring Rabbits  Top Left: hiding in the grass, 2 Baby Bunny's that pop out when one Spring Rabbit jumps the other Spring Rabbit.  Literally.  They jump on top of each other, a baby pops out and they spring apart. Too cute!
When one spring rabbit sees another spring rabbit, they grow little red hearts above their heads, then they make Baby Bunny.  The longer you sit still, the more baby bunnies they make! LOL

I had almost everything I came for and decided that it was time to vacate the area for awhile.  I told myself that I probably wouldn't be back for a good long time, so to make sure I did everything I wanted while I was here, as I didn't have the luxury to hearth to Stormwind and come back another day. 

 I've been slowly leveling two mechanical and one dragonkin pet to take on my next Pet Battler, so I headed out into the wild to do some pet battles, and see if I could find some copper ore to level my blacksmithing.  

I ended up at  Wrathscale Point and decided to go in to see my old friend The Kurken.  Funny, I remembered him as bigger and scarier!  
The Kurken

I headed over to Silvermyst Isle, just to whack some Owlkins.  I still haven't forgiven them for scaring me so badly when I wandered into their midst looking for a copper node around level 9 or so.  "Oh, they drop linen!  I can level my First Aid!"  
I cleaned them out, leaving a pile of orange carcasses blanketing the island. I made a little game of it, seeing how far away I could target them, cast a killing blow, and time it right so they died and fell over, just as I walked up to them to grab their loot!  Good hand/eye coordination practice I told myself.  

Took a stroll along the beach for some flotsam to loot.  
Skeleton on the beach of Silvermyst Isle

Gave Megwyn [is that her name? the lost night elf sitting on the beach crying?], anyway, gave her a hug.  I didn't have the quest to walk her across the island to reunite her with her father, but assured her that he was OK and some lo-level draenei would be along soon to take her back to him.
On the Swift Springstrider in an elven boat, with a Murloc

I ended up at the Exodar so put some stuff in the bank and went to the Auction House to see if there was some ore for not too much gold to help with the smelting and blacksmithing.  I ended up spending too much, but got some mithril and truesilver ore to smelt and now have grayed out the mithril. 
 Hopefully one day I'll be able to get some truesilver ore and it will be enough points to get me to the next mining level.  I think I only need 4 points.  So frustrating.  Even worse, knowing I have to do it again with Sushel.  Maybe I'll look into the Panda Land version of mining for her. 

I spent way too long trying to get out of that damn crashed spaceship.  grrr. I walked past the exit at least two or three times before I found it. Headed back to Azure Watch. Gathered a few eggs and finally, it lost it's appeal.  I bought two dresses, one for me, one for Saelybrooke. [Sushel doesn't wear dresses, she's too self-conscious about her tummy]  I mailed the dress to Teldrassil and a Spring Suit to Sushel. I was done. Time to leave.
Elegant Dress

While I'm over here though, I should really get over my fear of Bloodmyst Isle, so I headed over there.  Pfft! a bazillion quests undone, yellow exclamation points everywhere!  The only one that rankled was the Ysera's Tears one.  

I still shake my head about the epic battle to the top of the hill and back down and after all that scary fighting, I forgot to collect the damn mushrooms!  I accepted that quest again, did it, discovered the mushrooms are not at the top but down along the shore on the far side of the island [groan], collected them and done.  

Except, ... ...  while I was going up the hill, I did a few pet battles.  Mostly because I very much dislike the Ravager Hatchlings.  They're ugly, they move weird, they make ugly sounds and most of all, they remind me of Bloodmyst Isle, thus creeping me out!  

That's why I only have one and I haven't leveled him.  But.  ... ... oh my, this one on the side of the hill is a rare!  OK, I can make an exception for a rare

 At the top of the hill, I actually said it out loud, the RNG GODS have been way too kind today, "there's no way there's going to be a second rare!"  Yes, yes there was!  So add two rare pets to my good fortune list!

The last thing I wanted to do, was actually walk down all the paths on the island, I never did see what was on the north and west sides, I quit the place before I got that far.  Off we went.  I don't know if it was because the world event was on or what, but that Swift Springstrider was swift!  And much easier to navigate than my lovely, but bulky, Elekk!  
Turtle Skeleton and shell on The Bloodwash

Saw the bits, killed more Owlkins and some blood elf spies.  Had a blast taking out a colony of murlocs and discovered the Hidden Reef!  
Aqueous at The Hidden Reef [under water]

Turned in the Ysera's Tears quest, one last circle around Azuremyst Isle on the beach and we're done.  
my beloved Moongraze Woods - one of the most tranquil places in all of Azeroth

Oh right Emberglade, ... forgot about you guys, took their picture. 
Temper in Emberglade

Smacked down a Tallstrider, just because.  
Odesyus' Landing

In the middle of nowhere, decided to do my very last grey moth pet battle.  A rare!  Three rare battle pets in one day!  wow!

Graveyard at Azure Watch - no Orcs, I have not forgotten Christmas Eve!
Now I'm nervous.  If I do anymore it would be really pushing my luck!  Down to the boats and back to Stormwind.  
Waiting for The Bravery at Rut'theran Village
Crossing the oceans

The Gazebo in Stormwind - another serene spot

Found a grassy area in the center of the city, made sure the mini map label said Stormwind City, not outskirts, not harbour, not the canals, not any district, but Stormwind City.  Planted my egg, dinged the achievement, looted my egg, ate my last chocolate, went to the inn, and logged out.  
"Hiding" my egg for the Achievement Nobel Garden

Phew!  What a full day.  What a lot of fun.

Achievements Completed
Achievements NOT completed
yes, it was all for the dress!
I forgot to take off the white tuxedo shirt, that's what the black smudge on my chest is from, the bow tie on the shirt.

Here's a little mystery for all you readers.  [snort!  all!] While I was circling Azure Watch, I noticed this sign materialize out of thin air.
Mystery Sign:  "The Secret"

I spent considerable time left- and right- clicking on, and all around, it.  Took a few steps back and carefully swept my cursor over everything in the vicinity, ground, structures, the sign, NPC's, [Non Player Characters] ...  looking for a gear icon indicating something to open or loot, looking for sparklies ... nothing.

Anyone ever seen anything like this?  Eventually it just faded out. I checked back every time I came back into Azure Watch the rest of the day and never saw it again. What do you suppose it was?

I'm off to do some serious WoW-ing for the next while.  I'll be leaving the blogging to Vier. Unless something totally blog-worthy happens that I just can't leave to chance of her not telling it correctly ;)


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  1. Well you do look gorgeous in your dress! And I suspect it was one of those timeless isle signposts things - I forget what it's called but you can drop little signboards places which read various things - means someone was playing a mean trick!