Monday, May 19, 2014

Homework Assignment from Hell

Mom's to-do list!!!!

1. use WoWMatrix to install all necessary add-ons
        one of: skada or Recount
One of: DBM, VEM [dan], or BigWigs[jay]
One of: ReforgeLite or AskMrRobot
additional add-ons of your choice

2. wait for WoW to finish installing. While you wait, do the following:

  a) read EVERY PAGE under "Contents" here: BM Hunter

  b) Now, read it again and take notes.

  c) Go to: Jin'Rokh Icy Veins Strategy Guide
-read it and take notes
-watch the video
-read the guide again

     Repeat for:
Horridon -
Council of Elders -

Now you should have a refreshed memory of how to play Sushel, and at least some idea of how the fights
against Jin'Rokh, HOrridon, and Council of Elders are supposed to go. If you're still confused, watch
each of the videos again WHILE looking at your notes and making adjustments as necessary.

These notes will be your 'crib sheet' for the 'exam' of LFR.

Start prepearing yourself mentally to run the first wing (Jin'rokh, Horridon, Council) of Throne of
Thunder with me before this time next week.

Write down any questions you have or anything you're unsure about so you can ask me.

3. Once WoW is finished installing, use your newfound knowledge to configure all of your addons into
   an intuitive layout that is going to make it easy to find and use all of your important abilities
   for each toon.

**focus on Sushel first**

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