Monday, May 12, 2014

Rock Concert & Bar Brawl for Mother's Day

I spent most of the day playing with Saelybrooke in Teldrassil.  Leveled up enough to go to Darkshore and witness the Night Elf Slaughter.  Took screenshots of the tear-jerking reunion/parting of a couple of Night Elves, got lost in a cave, healed a new friend, and I should have quit there.

But, of course I didn't, and ended up getting lost on the last quest of the night.  Vier came and helped me out and phew!  was done like dinner.

Katuii and Vier were having way too much fun in the shrine, I couldn't resist, I had to go check it out.

So, I logged in to Sushel, the first time I've ever switched 'toons on the fly like that, and went to play with the big boys and girls in Panda Land.

Vier and Kat showed off their spectral forms.
Vier & Kat as Spectral Wolves [right click open in a new tab to see full size]

Took me to a rock concert.
The Tauren Chieftans - what a band!

Got me drunk.
uh oh ~ a little too much to drink

I started a bar brawl.  ... oops!  how can I not aggro a bunch of stuff when my screen is all blurry?  That's the story I'm stickin' to anyway.  I hopped over the bar to escape the uglies and fell into a pit of more uglies!
many Hammered Patrons - the bright blur mid-screen is either Vier or Kat with their glowy wings

Kat saved me, Vier ralphed on me, and I made the mistake of asking Vier not to tell her father.
I think this is after Kat took down all the uglies ~ I don't see any more red names, so it must be safe now!

So, tomorrow, I'm gonna have to explain how I went out and got drunk and was in a brawl.

Not like that's never happened before, eh Red Bear?

tee hee

must get some zzzz's, it's craft day tomorrow!

All in all, a pretty good end to Mother's Day.  Oh, and Vier bought me two recipes and gave me an elemental pet!  w00t!

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  1. I don't believe there was a brawl in the picture at the sunrise party ... although your hubby was pretty torqued - so maybe there is more of a parallel than first thought.