Thursday, May 14, 2015

Guide to Melee DPS - Pity Party Week

Noritam is a sad space goat these days.  Between spring weather IRL creating havoc with my health, broken game installation, and attempting Proving Grounds.  It's Pity Party week.

This is where the rubber meets the road.  I've done my questing, participated in current content dungeons and raids and now it's time to improve my skills.

The next steps in the Legendary Ring Quest involve Heroic Raids, which means Proving Grounds Silver, minimum.

All of the available quests in the garrison these days are Hard and Scary.  Invasions, Treasure Hunting, Apexis Crystal Dailies.  ugh, it's either that or fishing and frankly, after fishing my way to a level 3 Fishing Shack, I've about had it up to here --slashes at chin level-- with the fishing.

On a brighter note ...

Vier did some awesome achievements in Spires of Arak and has a beautiful purple outfit, cool tabard and a new Title.  Queen Vier!

I can hardly wait to finish getting my purple outfit and the new purple mount!

Back to my reading and learning ...

Guide to Melee DPS - Guides - Wowhead: "Being in the melee cluster sometimes means it is hard to see important harmful visuals due to clutter."

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  1. Don't know what time of day you're playing but I'm TotA#1973 and if you ever want to do an invasion with me let me know. I just do them for fun to get the achievement for 50 completed. No serious business with me!