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Perfect Purple Plate - Part 2

Lightsworn Garb (Lookalike)
 Faceplate of the Forgotten - Festergut
 Rusted Bonespike Pauldrons - Lord Marrowgar
 Rot-Resistant Breastplate - Rotface
 Waistband of Righteous Fury - Gunship Armoury (Icecrown Gunship Battle)
 Leggings of Dying Candles - Cache of the Dreamwalker (Valithria Dreamwalker)
 Boots of the Funeral March - Cache of the Dreamwalker (Valithria Dreamwalker)
 Crypt Keeper's Bracers - Prince Valanar (Blood Council)
 Fallen Lord's Handguards - Lady Deathwhisper
Head - Faceplate of the Forgotten Dropped by: Festergut The Plagueworks

Shoulder - Rusted Bonespike Pauldrons Dropped by: Lord Marrowgar The Lower Spire

Chest - Rot-Resistant Breastplate Dropped by: Rotface The Plagueworks   Rotface also drops the cloak intended for this set.

Waist - Waistband of Righteous Fury Dropped by: Gunship Armoury (Icecrown Gunship Battle) The Lower Spire    **see note below

Legs - Leggings of Dying Candles  Dropped by: Cache of the Dreamwalker (Valithria Dreamwalker)
Feet - Boots of the Funeral March Dropped by: Cache of the Dreamwalker (Valithria Dreamwalker)  

Wrist - Crypt Keeper's Bracers Dropped by: Prince Valanar (Blood Council)

Hands - Fallen Lord's Handguards Dropped by: Lady Deathwhisper The Lower Spire
**Note: other things in the Gunship Armory -

This is the cloak that is intended to "go with" this set.
Cloak: Winding Sheet  Dropped by: Rotface The Plagueworks

My two favourite cloaks however are:

Used Bar Rag  and Cloak of Cleansing Flame.  I don't think either will go well with the dark purple plate, so the search is on for a dark purple cloak similar to the Used Bar Rag and the Cloak of Cleansing Flame!  It's hard to find a long purple cloak with dark blue on it instead of red.

Transmogrification Guide: All Cloak Styles
Two weeks ago [mid-Apr/2015], Mr. Kitty and I did our first run of ICC [Icecrown Citadel] in my quest for my Purple Plate Transmog set.

While we were figuring out the where-tos and why-fors, we both found this "Look-a-like" set that drastically reduced the number of runs of the raid required!  YaY!

Mr. Kitty also expressed delight that the pieces come from the Heroic version.  I'm not so sure about that but .... .... I had been in ICC
once before but of course retained zero knowledge of it, Mr. Kitty said, "No problem, just follow me and kill stuff when you can, if you like".

Really, he's far too easy-going!  So the next amount of time passed by in a delightful blur of me concentrating very hard on keeping up, not doing stupid stuff [not being completely successful at that! lol], and having fun.

I did have an enormous amount of fun.  Truly, the pressure is off being that it is "old content", and we're at level 100 and the raid is set at level 80.

Plus, Mr. Kitty is too polite and kind, and reassures me that he's having fun too and isn't bored to tears.  So, for now, I'm taking him at his word and just doing my best to keep up and have fun.

It kind of reminded me of learning how to drive a snowmobile as a young teenager.  I was always afraid to drive one and one evening I confessed as much to a friend.  He suggested that the two of us should go out alone, and he'd teach me how, in private.

His "method" of teaching was, "Follow my lights, don't fall behind, don't get lost", and off he went.  In the dark, after we'd done a couple of on-the-river off-the-river turns and twists, I was completely lost and my only salvation and "survival" was to keep up to his tail light.  I was terrified, horrified that I'd lose him and be lost forever, but, man, did I ever learn quick how to drive!

Mr. Kitty was, of course, way more patient and forgiving.  He came back for me when I had trouble with an elevator!  I didn't know you had to jump onto the platform to activate it.  I'm still not 100% sure if I'm to jump onto it, as in stand aside and literally "jump onto" it as it arrives, or, if I can walk onto it and "jump" to activate it.  I'm sure I'll learn it and be bored by it by the time we've run the raid enough times to aquire all my stuff!

I hadn't read about the fight so was blissfully unaware of any scary bits coming up.  I just cringed my way through the icky spider part.  blech.

Near the end, of course, there's a bit where "don't stand [somewhere] because you'll get knocked off the ledge", and just as I'm reading that typed warning from Mr. Kitty in the chat log, and processing it, OF COURSE I got knocked off the ledge!

But now I'm completely comfortable rezzing and corpse-running back into the instance, and finding my way to where I left off!

Mr. Kitty has also perfected the timing of telling me where I need to get off the elevator just as I'm approaching it!

I'd also forgotten about the heart-wrenching end cinematic to this raid.  --sniff--

After we were done, we agreed that I'd make a list of who drops what piece of gear I'm looking for, and next time, Mr. Kitty will set the loot-
gathering specifics so he controls the loot and hands it out accordingly.

I was slowing us down considerably having to read all the loot descriptions on the loot rolls.  Plus I passed on a lot of things that weren't necessarily stuff I needed or wanted but that I could have vendored for a pretty chunk of gold.  But, not being sure what, if anything, he wanted/needed I figured it best to be safe and not sorry/greedy!

I successfully got one piece of the 8 pieces I need for my set.  As soon as I log in again I'll check my bank to confirm it but I'm pretty sure I have the Bracers.  One down, seven to go!

I have this sword in my bank, if I can find a high ilvl two-handed sword, I'd love to transmog it into this look:
Karabor Greatsword

I am currently working on collecting the Savage Bloods I need to upgrade my crafted Warlords Axe to the second level.  Then it will begin all over again to collect the crap needed to upgrade it tot he 3rd and 4th levels.  Once there, I need to decide if I like the look and if it goes with my Perfect Purple Plate.

I may decide to transmog it with this Axe: Stormedge comes from Ulduar Cache of Winter

The spring weather in my part of the world has interfered for a bit.  I was down sick for the past week and am only now starting to feel well enough to get back in the game!

This post is the promised list for Mr. Kitty and a bit of a commentary on where we are, what we're doing!

Maybe Vier will blog about the lengths she had to go through helping me "Wrangle a Wolf" in Nagrand.  What a day that was, but I got it!  Thanks to Vier, there is no way on earth I would have wrangled that wolf without her!

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  1. Thank you Mr. Kitty and Vier for helping my Bestie have so much fun and learn so much!! You are all the awesome : )