Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Garrison Invasions and a Dragon Mount

Garrison Invasions: Not my favourite thing.  Early on in Draenor somehow or the other I got this "invasion quest thingy".  I clicked on it/activated it somehow and holy crap! Bad Guys Invading My Garrison From Everywhere!

It was a bloodbath.  I got creamed.  Many of my garrison inhabitants, workers, guards, visitors, -- were killed. My buildings got burned to the ground.  It was an unmitigated disaster.  I failed miserably.

You Would Think, BY NOW ... I would really read the instructions and/or look things up before blindly clicking on them.  but NO!   That is not my style! I decided I didn't like invasions and ignored them ever since.

Later on, Vier and I were milling around her garrison one day and she asked me if I wanted to do an invasion with her.  "Sure!", I replied.  Thinking, she has done so much for me in WoW, I owe her.  Plus, how bad can it be?

"Do you want Front, Back or Middle?", she asked.

I'm thinking -- huh? --, "Middle", always go for the middle, how bad can it be?  Plenty bad!  Being in the middle means that you get baddies coming from all directions.  Vier had put up a marker for me and I thought I literally, had to stay by, on, under the marker ... so I didn't move much and there were many times when I was just standing there waiting for the baddies to come to me. -- rolls eyes --

I've since learned to pick the Back Door, where usually the bad guys only come in the back gate of the garrison, occasionally a few will sneak in from the garden.  I've also learned that the marker is a GUIDELINE ONLY, and yes, I can move around to go get the bad guys!  --doh!--

We did one other invasion with Mier and I remember him saying something to the effect of "We would have had Gold, but Nori's DPS was very low".  Hanging my head in shame.  I really have to work on passing my Proving Grounds and learning to be more effective with my DPS.  --sigh--  

I need a coach!  Any volunteers?  I need someone to voice-coach me through improving my DPS.  Which would include, you know, setting up a voice chat instructions!  Apparently our guild Vent channel is no longer supported.  But I digress ...  Seriously though, any coach volunteers can mail me in-game, Noritam, on Undermine realm.

So, on June 21st, I was hanging around, not doing much, reading my book and maybe eating supper?  Or perhaps just waking up and having my "morning" coffee.  I passed through the office and Himself says "Phone your daughter".  Huh?  "You were in the bathroom, she called, she wants you to call her back".

"Oh, OK"  "Mom, do you want to come online and do an invasion in my garrison?"  "Of course!" --crap!--

So I jump in game, grab my green balloon and head off to Vier's Garrison.
Everyone needs a green balloon to do invasions!

So we did a couple of invasions.
Invasions we've done so far.

After the "Iron Horde Invasion" this is what I got in my l00t bags.
3 bags of l00tz
Invader's Abandoned Sack

Invader's Damaged Cache
Invader's Forgotten Treasure

After doing a couple of invasions in Vier's Garrison, I asked if now would be a good time to do the "Oak" thingy that I got from a previous invasion?

Heart of Oak

Everyone was up for it so Vier decided that she would create the pre-made group, recruit players, and then hand it all over to me so I could be the leader that everyone else would "visit group leader's garrison" and activate my "Heart of Oak" card.

Boom!  In what seemed like absolutely no time at all we had 6 groups of 5 players, Vier coached me through purchasing a speed boost crystal, a freezing crystal, taking leadership and activating the card.  "Click on your oak card, then go activate the crystals, and we'll all kill the Boss".

Literally all hell broke loose!  There were a million people in my garrison and the chat log was full of "Random Visitor receives item -really cool something-".

Where are all these people getting stuff from?  We haven't even started yet.  I forgot to ask Vier --Where-- I should place these crystals.  Oh well, we'll put them here, and here. -- ?? idk! -- Click the card. A VERY BIG DUDE arrives in the middle of my garrison.  Everyone starts shooting/axing/slicing him.  He Dies.  It's over.

No pictures 'cause I was too busy just trying to figure out what the heck was going on!  If I got one or two licks in, that was it. If anyone else has the "Heart of Oak" thingy, it's no big deal.  Just the one dude shows up, you kill him, that's it. I don't remember what I received by the way of loot, so it wasn't memorable

BUT ...  Nin, one of Mier's friends, got a mount!  ... A mount!

So then it was a round of mount displaying!  Here are the four of us with our wolf mounts, Nin's brand new wolf mount!
Wolf Brigade
It looks like Nin's mount is the same as mine but they have different eye colors and at the back end the accoutrements are different colors.  I mentioned my lack of spectacular mounts.  I may have said something about wanting a Dragon Mount.

Nin and Mier got excited talking about old world raids and dungeons that drop dragon mounts.  Vier, not interested in running old content decided it was past her bedtime and disappeared.

and off we went ...

I have no idea where we were or what we did but here are some screenshots.

This one, you can see me saying "ack" in the chat log, you walk over a glass/ice floor that is totally transparent and over a very, very deep hole.

scary non-floor floor!

Then, in another section/place, all of the sudden Mier gets stuck running into a column.  So I went back to him ... "You OK?" ... "You still with us?" ... Nin and I waited around for a bit, figuring internet problems.  Then Mier's toon just faded away.

Nin had had a long day and asked if it would be ok to finish this another day.  OK? Hell yes!  I'm just thrilled to be along for the ride and I HAVE A DRAGON MOUNT!
My Dragon!  What should I name her?

And that is the story of the last time I was online playing WoW!

p.s. a few posts back I mentioned Queen Vier had a new title.  Here's a pic of her harassing me while I am seriously doing some fishing in my garrison!
Queen Vier - Extra Large and Intimidating!

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  1. Ooh grats on all your invasions, I quite enjoy them! :) And lots of shinies to be had!