Saturday, August 11, 2018

Missing Vier - Vier and Taxi

Three Memorial Posts - Missing Vier - Almost a Year.
1. The backstory of Jenn's WoW history, Blog Review "My Mom Plays WoW", some other memories.

2. This post: Vier and Taxi.  The story [as I know it], my wish for an in-game memorial.

3. Memorial Invite and Requests.

My goal/wish is to get Vier and Taxi in-game.  I think at the Inn or by the travel portal at the Shrine.

They'll always be throwing stuff at random players. [and for members of the 3 guilds, throwing an Awesome Fish].

The best case scenario is that they become a throwing toy vendor!

Fists of Rage-Undermine; Campion's Champions-Wyrmrest Accord; Of the Sun-Undermine.
Jenn has loved dinosaurs since the first "Land Before Time" movie came out. The story of Taxi, I just learned recently.

As a tween, Jenn belonged to an online cat RP forum. Only, Jenn had her pet dinosaur, named Taxi, whom she insisted believed he was a cat.  And they didn't kick her out of the forum, they played along.

One of her friends recently shared some early Taxi pics.

Her fondness for giraffes also appear.

Taxi's colouring also showed up in her avatar forum, Sapherna.
While I was reviewing screenshots for these memorial posts, I noticed that Vier was sporting Sapherna/Taxi colours as well!

Her yellow sleeves really show in this ss.
I discovered some Overwatch videos that Jenn was in on YouTube.
Cron Virus' two videos: ctf pro squad and DROP THE BEAT, in which Jay got POTG.

On Raid Night with "Fists of Rage", apparently everyone had their own square in the Inn at The Shrine, whilst waiting for raids to begin.

This is Jenn's square, where I want to start her memorial.
3 up from the wall, 3 left from the stairs

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