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Vier Memorial - Sunday, August 26, 2018 8:00 pm CDT - The Shrine

Sunday, August 26 at 8pm CDT
Vier's Square - Inn @ The Shrine
Part 1 of 3:
The backstory of Jenn's WoW history, Blog Review "My Mom Plays WoW", some other memories.

Part 2 of 3:
Vier and Taxi.  The story [as I know it], my wish for and in-game memorial.

Part 3 of 3: This post: Memorial Invite and Requests.

You're Invited
Vier Memorial - 26 Aug. 2018 8pm CDT, 
Inn @ The Shrine, Stormwind Park
How you may have known Jenn/Vier: Battle Tag: jennlee#1411
Main: Vier [Wyrmrest Accord];
Alts : Halirran [Undermine]; Tobey/Tobian [Undermine]; Molim [Undermine];  Orc Hunter [Blackhand]; Sieben [Undermine];
Noritam's Info:
WoW - noritam#1287,
Discord - Noritam#6049
Discord Noritam's Nexus: Vier Memorial Channel
Event 1: Toys - Shrine
Vier's Square at Inn at the Shrine

1-A: Someone post a Sign on her square [Dhan knows her square]
1-B: Darkmoon Feast 'cause everyone dresses up for a funeral/memorial [and it was included in an event Vier and Nor were working on for the Guild, that never happened]

1-C: Toy Extravaganza in memory of Vier's most annoying habit of playing with her toys whilst waiting on Raid Nights.

We all have toys to annoy people with.

  • Pumpkins-Orange, 
  • Turnips-Pink,
  • Mask  Of Shame[Ken Ken Mask],
  • Wear the stupid Turtle shell hat [Nor needs one][Timeless Isle]

Event 2: Mounts - Stormwind Park

2-A: Someone post a Sign in a prominent location

2-B: Darkmoon Feast 'cause everyone dresses up for a funeral/memorial [and it was included in an event Vier and Nor were working on for the Guild that never happened]

2-C: Display as many mounts as possible, the more dinosaurs the better.

  • Dino Faire riding toy, or cat ones [tigers etc]
  • Make as much of a spectacle as we can.  

Final Event: Sparkle Ponies and Graveside Circle

Sparkle Ponies: Olivia's Pond at bottom of the hill to the Unmarked grave.
- Sparkle Pony Specialist organizes a sparkle pony hill climb to the grave

Graveside Circle

  • - Sign Specialist posts on the grave,
  • - Circle around the unmarked grave,
  • - place blue/green stuffed toy or any other toy that can be placed on the ground, flowers?,
  • - Paladins Contemplation,
  • - Everyone else - Kneel,
  • - FIREWORKS! and done.


  • Fists of Rage - Undermine - Vier's Raiding Guild
  • Campion's Champions - Wyrmrest Accord RP Guild
  • Of The Sun - Undermine  Noritam's New Guild Aug. 27. "A New Chapter: The Story Continues"

Volunteer Request For:

1. Fists of Rage: Guild Contact
2. Campion's Champions: Guild Contact
3. Of the Sun: Guild Contact
4. Memorial Raid Leader
5. Sign Specialist
6. Sparkle Pony Leader
7. Graveside Circle Ring Master
8. Screenshot Maker:
9. You Tuber:
[I'm looking for people who are not emotionally involved to help run this event]
Non-WoW Players:
There will be a recap blog post. [Hopefully a YouTube vid]
If you'd like to make a free-to-play character, you'll be able to join the Memorial event at Stormwind Park and go with us to the Unmarked Graveside ceremony.  [You won't be able to participate in the Shrine Event because you have to be a paid, subscribed level 90 player]
... Looking for: Frost(Labbattblue), Cross, Heavy,  Thunderbutt, Bambooholic, Kat, Sarge, Bearminimum, Nindae, Navimie, Ancient, Jormot.
... Things to Bring:
- Darkmoon Feast
TOYS  - throwing, kicking and annoying toys and items
- Fire Stallion Sharesies Mount
- Faire Riding Toys
- Green or Blue Stuffed Toy [or other toys or items you can place on the ground/grave like flowers?]
- Get your Sparklepony XL toy - 150 Darkmoon Fair Tickets

- Vier's Favourite Mounts: Any Dinosaur, Dragon Fey, Nightmare Warhorse Hitching Post.
- Noblemen's Finery from the Faire
- Vier's Taxi Xmog - Cataclysmic Gladiator's Chain Armor
- Match Queen Vier Transmog
Hunter Pet Spectral Porpupette Green = Alphonse
Battle Pets Spectral Porcupette Green = Alphonse Jr.
In case anyone missed it, Jenn's Obituary.

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  1. XOXOXOXOXOXOXO Jenn hated hugs but always put up with one from me each visit. Thanks Jenn! Here comes a huge hug for you way up there Jenn. I know you will be rolling your eyes at me for sending it but catch it all the same. You are sorely missed!!!