Monday, October 6, 2014

Beginning of Northrend and Sealybrooke in Dun Morogh

Good Grief!  It's the beginning of October and I'm still doing catch-up posts from the end of July and beginning of August!

I am a terrible blogger!

The plan for today was to do a quick blog post, mostly a little narrative of a few selected screenshots.  Just to make a blog post.  It took a bit of time to sort through my screenshots, and I discovered a blog post I had started but not posted, so, posted that and here we go: a select bit of screenshots to catch us up ... a bit.

Northrend:  For the most part, I'm loving sections of Northrend.  They remind me of my time spent up north.  Well, except for the big trees in the tundra-like landscapes and the penguins-with-polar-bears!  But, meh!  it's a game!

I just LOVE the Tuskarrs!

Side Bar: Labbattblue caught sight of me in Dalaran one day. Did a bit of a double-take and then a "Look at you go girl!"  It was so sweet.  A former guildy who was there at the beginning when Noritam was still RP walking 'cause "running" was too fast to navigate to! LOL!  Now, when I'm back "home" on Azuremyst Isle I'm bemoaning my inability to fly there, and having to "walk so slow" or be restricted to a ground mount.  We've come a long way boys and girls!

One night, I ran into Anataniya in Dalaran and she gifted me with some more pets.

Being gifted with more pets and receiving unearned achievements!

THEN she side-tracked me:  Anataniya-as-Tishiania had me questing with Sealybrooke in Dun Morogh and the Wetlands!

Tish has the coolest mounts!
A motorcycle with side-car for Sealy to catch a ride!

On her Mammoth going through a mountain pass outside Ironforge

Ding 23!

Ding 24!
Phew!  That's a lot of progress for Sealy.  Of course, we have to relax and do a little fishin' after a hard day of questing.  Though finding the fishing trainer and the Forlorn Cavern was a bit tricky the first five times I had to find it!  I think I have it down pat now.
YaY!  Sealy gets the "Find Fish" ability! w00t!

Meanwhile, Nor was questing the low 70's and running some dungeons in Northrend with Vier.  One night, after Vier had had enough of me for awhile, I headed back to Stormwind for some reason.  Got Totally Creeped Out with all of these Blue Dragons flying over the city!
Little Blue Dragons over Stormwind July 31, 2014

They weren't hostile, but the one was HUGE and I was a unnerved with all of these strange creatures that I didn't know flying over my city!
Big Blue Dragon

I mean ... Really.  Frickin' BIG!

Okay, enough catch up for this post.  If you can clue us in on the Blue Dragons, I look forward to hearing from you in the comments.

Later 'gators, Nor.

Just a reminder:  If you want to view the screenshots bigger, right click on them and select "Open link in a new tab" or "Open link in a new window".

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