Monday, October 6, 2014

Early Northrend - Dungeon Runs - Profession Quandary - Killing Horde Leaders!

So, questing in Northrend starts off great!
Waiting for the Turtle Boat beside Agloolik [sounds like Igloolik!]

Riding the Turtle Boat!  
Riding the boat for a quest, for real, not just for fun while we're up here touring and looking for Elders!

woo hoo!

Back to Stormwind to work on Cooking and Mining. I am trying to get my mining up to a level so I don't have to ignore ore veins as I'm questing because my mining level isn't high enough.  So that means back to Outland for Fel Iron.
Take a boat to Stormwind
Cooking over 400 - getting there!
Though part of me says ignore my professions while I'm questing.  'cept, what do I do with the tonnes of ore in my bank now?  I hate to vendor them and have to re-aquire them.  But they're taking up so much bag and bank space.  But my levels are too low to make stuff with them without running around all over Azeroth gathering pearls and citrine.
Looking for Fel Iron - Smelting Fel Iron
 What's a Space Goat to do?

Start a bank alt?  Who doesn't have any bags, and distracts you ...
A quiet little park, nestled in a corner of Stormwind
Soozuu at a little park she found in Stormwind.
Nyx catchin' some squirrels!

Noritam at level 72 with her Guild Tabard on.
Although, even Vier can cause a distraction from questing to 90, from time to time!
Showing off new gear and title!

Stupid.  Stoopid Weatherguard Keep Quest. Of course on a day when Vier's around to help me quest by killing stuff, I get a quest that she can't help me with!
stoopid quest
Take a bird,... learn to fly it,... pick up stranded villagers ... and deliver them to safety.  While Vier gets bored.  argh!

Takes forever and forever to pick up a villager then all of the sudden ... I got one!  

Crap! Now what do I do?

[see chat log]

Nor: "Shit!  Where do I take him?"

Vier [slightly startled]: "um ... to the keep I think?"

Helpless Villager: "Thanks!  You saved my life.  You're my guardian angel ..."

Nor:  "ya, ya, ... whatevs ... where do I take you and how many more of you guys do I have to save?"

I hate this quest!

Questing in Dragonblight with the Night Elves.
Level 73!
Back on the Turtle Boat.

Distraction:  Vier is doing a group quest in the middle of the night to get a Battle Bear Mount, do I want to go along?

We're gonna kill 4 leaders of the Horde.

Payback for Christmas Eve!  ... ... Damn right I wanna go along!
Can they see us?  um ... well, ya!  Why aren't they doing anything?  They can't 'til we start something!
Oh so many things to learn!
As Penny would say ... "Holy Crap onna Cracker!"
Needless to say, I didn't have a clue what was going on, and I'm not sure I helped as much as I hindered but ... only one more Horde Leader to kill and I get my War Bear too!

Vier gets More Gear, another TiTle and a companion pet to match Alphonse!!

Bane of the Fallen King
That's a pretty fierce face ya got on there Vier!
Even though I'm taking forever to get to 90, we must take breaks now and again to admire the growing collection of our resident mount-a-holic!
Armored Black Kitty
ooooo - a very fierce lookin' serpent!  gotta get me one of those!
A Kite from Panda Land
To tell the truth, I was just about to mock this next mount, when appeared a hitching post right in front of me.
A Fiery Warhorse with Sharesies!
"What's this?"  [it's kinda like in my way, blocking my path daughter dear --- I'm thinking]
"Click on it"

"Oh!"  "a War Horse for Me too?!"

I like this one!
Oh wait!  I got a something new of my own to show off!  He was on sale!
Yes, I finally gave in and ordered a couple of pets from the Blizzard Store - even though I said I'd never pay for a pet!  I am Weak!

Alterac Brew Pup - yes, two links.  One to a very cute You Tube on the Brew Pup and one to a great screenshot on wowhead that highlights his drool!

If you click on him, you get the "You create: Mulled Alterac Brandy" thingy and then you get some brandy to drink.  Then you get tipsy ...
Drinking and Flying ...
Flying Under the Influence --- NOT a good idea!
Ciao for now!

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