Monday, October 6, 2014

Catch Up - from Mid-August! eep!

Apparently I wrote, but never posted, this in mid-August.


Okay, well, it's been a few weeks and my screenshots folder says it's time to do another catch-up post.  Seems I can either play WoW or Blog about it, not both at the same time!  I'm feeling more and more pressure to get Nor to 90 before WoD.  Feels like I'm running out of time.  And I'm about to take a couple weeks off due to IRL events, so

hurry, hurry, hurry!
July 24, 2014

Yes, so much pressure to level and here I am doing Daily Fishing Quests in Outland! LOL  Every Time I saw Old Man Barlo while questing here I was hell bent to get to level 70 so I could do his quests.  Now that I'm at 70 though, I'm on a different continent and keep forgetting about him.

Old Man Barlo
I've just learned, you can do daily quests in one place but that rules out doing them in another.  I know Stormwind, Ironforge and Darnassus are all tied into this restriction, if I do the Dailies in one of those three places, I can't do them in another.

I don't know if that applies per character though or if it applies to my whole account.  I also don't know how Shattrat City and Dalaran fit into the mix.  Everytime I run into a Daily not being available I keep meaning to research it, but then I carry on doing other things and forget.

Now that I've got everyone spread out all over the place, Saelybrooke in Ironforge of all places!, it is getting harder and harder to keep track.

But, back to our task at hand, catching up.  Thank goodness I've learned to do screenshots or I'd never remember anything.

Sushel's now done all the dailies in Stormwind.

Stormwind Fishing

Oh, one thing I thought I'd never do ... PvP!  Talk about getting side-tracked!

Vier is getting bored with my slow questing and talked me into trying PvP.  Apparently many young women playing the game love to do Player v.s. Player content [aka Olivia and Perculia from Wowhead].
Sushel does PvP - Player vs Player content

I didn't grasp the attraction but I have to admit, I totally enjoyed it.  Though, I did not having a clue what I was doing and just generally followed the crowd ... it wasn't near as bloody as I thought it might be.  After a few runs and I noticed I wasn't totally at the bottom of the DPS range, much, much to my surprise! I might have to come back to this once Nor gets to 90.

It didn't hurt to see the achievements I earned while doing it either.  Note: the bottom two achieves on March 22, 2014 are not mine.  Vier was visiting out at the farm and took Sushel for a run.  That was also when she convinced me I'd need a new computer.  [Still haven't got my G-Keys configured, just in case you were wondering.  Too many things to do in WoW-Land, so little WoW time]

I forget why I needed Sushel to cook up some Warp Burgers for Nor to do a Daily in Dalaran, but that's what this screenshot is all about.  Maybe Sushi had the recipe and Nor didn't?  Don't remember.

By the way, the Dailies in Dalaran are much more involved than I've found the Stormwind, Darnassus and Ironforge ones to be.  Ironforge is all about finding where everything is, quite the challenge for me, but my new Carbonite maps, particularly the ability to put my own notes on the map, helps in that regard a lot.  I don't love some of the Carbonite features but the map notes and the ability to have a much much bigger mini-map over-rule any deficiencies.

Sushel was the only one of us that didn't have her own racial mount, so off to the Amberstill Ranch to get us one!
Brown Swift Ram
 That's it for this post.


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