Friday, January 24, 2014

Lunar Festival

Just a quick post from me today, you'll have to wait for Noritam to get a really in-depth account of what we did.

Anyway, today Noritam said she wanted to work on the Lunar Festival world event.  I hadn't done anything for that one since my first year in-game so I was pretty excited to go flying around!  We got killed a few times by hordies at some of the towns, and I managed to get myself camped once. We managed to gather a total of 34 coins this year, though, so that's good enough for me!  Next year we'll be able to get our companions.  Noritam bought herself a purple dress, which she was very excited about. She also enjoyed getting to see the sights as we traveled all over Azeroth.

All this exploring and coin-collecting granted Noritam 3 levels, so she's now at level 30! Hooray! I'm so proud -wipes away tear-.

This event has made the advantages to having a flying mount very clear to Noritam, so she's very motivated to level up to 60 so she can get her own. "If I had to do this on my own, I'd spend the whole six days just trying to get to each of them!"

We also discussed races for Noritam's potential alts. She likes Dun Morogh, so we're comparing and contrasting gnomes and dwarves. What do you think? Which is more fun to play?  Leave us a comment!

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