Saturday, January 25, 2014

Noritam's views on Northern Stranglethorn and the Lunar Festival

So we decided that since Noritam hasn't been in the mood to make a blog post about her experiences with questing in Northern Stranglethorn or the Lunar Festival, we would have a conversation about it over the phone and I would type things up. So, here is a post on Noritam's thoughts about what she's achieved over the last few days.

"It's super fun when you're with me because I get experience and I get to kill things but I feel safe and I don't worry so much"

On the Kurzen compound questline:
"It actually made me feel good when you got lost"
"I really had fun that day"
You really liked that Hatchling questline didn't you "Yes I did! Adorable!"

Noritam has some questions about pally healing gear that she's written down to ask Dan.

"Something that was liberating on the 22nd of January was learning that I can talk and move and move my camera at the same time"
"I also learned that you can shift-click something in your bag to break apart a stack, that was good to learn"

Thoughts on the Lunar Festival:
"Now that I have the lantern and the dress I would probably never attend it again"
"I'm a little bit miffed because I've been involved in two world events now and I'm miffed that there isn't a part for low-level toons to participate on their own"
"I find it contradictory from Blizzard because they want you to explore the game but you can't participate unless you're high-level"
"I love it when you and I fly around like that - that's one of my favourite things to do"
She also likes it when I screw up and get her killed by guards. Not sure why exactly, haha.
"The firecrackers don't do anything for me. It's so noisy and it's too much"

"What is the best way to approach strangers in the game in a friendly, casual manner?"

"The world is so frickin' huge!"
"What level do you have to be to get over to Pandaria?" 85 "I hope to get over there before the next expansion drops"

What did you think of Northrend?
"Somebody should have done their homework because you don't get penguins and polar bears together at the same place."
"Riding that turtle boat was fun, and recognizing that it was carrots on the stick that got him going was even more fun"
Was there anything else about Northrend that stuck out in your mind?  Nope

"I'm still on a quest to find a nice, safe area to fish that I can get to easily"

Now you're level 31! How does it feel? 
"On one hand it's like OMG YAY I'm level 31! But on the other hand it's "oh no I'm only level 31 and I have to get to 90!"

"There are a lot of contradictory things to do in this game"

Do you have any plans for what you're going to do in your next WoW session?
"I really want to get the next level in my fishing. I also want to continue with the questing, but I want to do that with you. Then, by myself, I want to go back to my starting area and get to work leveling up my battle pets."


  1. My Pally Gear Question: To date I've only used melee two-handed weapons, mostly axes and at Bloodmyst Isle I had the big hammer for awhile. I've never used a sword and shield.

    What advantage, if any, is there to using a sword in one hand and a shield in the other.

    I ask, because a few of my quest rewards have been shields that carry some pretty high armor stats.

  2. Always use a shield when tanking. Two-handed weapons are for
    dps, a one handed weapon and shield are for tanking or healing.