Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Well that was an adventure!

Hey folks, Vier here. It's been a while, hasn't it?  Mom's been doing such a good job of keeping up with the blog on her own, and she usually doesn't let me play with her anymore anyway (she's got an independent streak!), so there isn't a whole lot for me to do around here.

But, I did say that I would post something about our adventures last night, so here goes.

We ran around and did some questing in Redridge. Did that questline where you have to rescue the handful of guys from the gnolls or whatever up in that cave, then did the ones where you have to set the bombs in the tower and the ammunition hut. Did a lot of gnoll-slaying, killed some muckdwellers, killed Ol'Gummers (or whatever his name is) a few times. I think Mom only died once or twice when she ran off and got herself lost and then attacked and I couldn't find her in time.

Played with mounts a bit, went and got her to pick up her Elekk finally. She was a lot more excited about that than I'd predicted.

We used the World Markers to great effect to help with the whole getting-lost problem.  We also discovered that Mom's life is a lot easier if she zooms in her minimap.  I personally can't play like that, but it seems to help her out a lot so that was a good discovery.

 When we arrived back in Stormwind Harbour after picking up her Elekk, I told her we should go check the Hero's Call Board to find out where she should go quest next, since the zone she was in was too low-level for her (she was level 24 and questing in a 17/18 zone - tsk, tsk!).  She wanted to try to find it herself, so I told her I would meet her there.  I flew over to it and waited, opening up the map to watch her progress.  She made it halfway there very well, but then she got stuck by the curve at Cathedral Square. She ended up going backwards to the destroyed section of the city and then back towards the Harbour so I told her to stop and asked her if she wanted some help.  I went and threw some world markers up to help her out and she got herself to the Call Board.

She was fading fast at this point so I decided to fly her to the Rebel Camp in Stranglethorn on my Obsidian Nightwing to save her some time, so she could pick up the flight path there and then log for the night. That went well, then we flew back to Goldshire so she could set her hearthstone, repair, smelt, and empty her bags.  She was also introduced to the duelers in Goldshire and their potty mouths. She learned pretty quickly to keep her head down and not interact with them. Then, once she was all set there, she sent me on my way so she could do her thing at her own pace. This worked out well for me because Sarge had just asked for help in guild chat with the Nalak portion of the Legendary questline, so I went to go help him out with that.  After a few tries we managed to get it done, and Sarge got his Meta gem that night (WOOHOO GRATS SARGE!!!)

After that, it was bedtime for me.  Lum almost roped me into doing a reg Immerseus run really quickly before I left but he managed to find someone else in time so I was off the hook. Whew!

Anyway, all in all it was a productive evening for everyone involved and an exercise in patience for me. It sure is rewarding to see Mom progressing so well, though! I'm still impressed every day that she's stuck with it for so long and that she's learned so much.  Her movement in-game has improved a LOT. I don't know if she can tell, but she's walking and turning much more smoothly and I think she'll be moving like a natural before long. Last night we discussed how you can usually tell the best way to get between quest points by looking at the terrain and the topography on the minimap so you don't run into rocks or other geological obstacles.

Leave a comment if you have any tips for getting around in-game!

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  1. Almost five years later .... you'd be So Proud of me Vier! You would adore this expansion, so many dinosairs. Mr. Kitty and I have been having a hard time since your birthday. We've been discussing with Pepperjack about me notifying Blizz that Vier isn't coming back and how we feel about losing you from our friends lists. We're not ready yet. My navigating has improved, I've been soloing old content for mats and Christmas Hats. Babybug and I did the Occulus - what a zoo that place is. New mobility problems tho, my hands are getting bad.