Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Vent and a Mount!

It's been 10 days since I posted.  Haven't been online in the past few days but did a shitload of stuff tonight.

Vier said she'd cobble a post together for a retelling of the details, it's all a blur to me now.  I thought I took some screenshots but I guess I just thought about taking screenshots!

Here's the only one from tonight, Vier and I in the Redridge Hills or some such nonsense place.

Tonight was my first time on vent in-game with my shiny new headset complete with mic.  It was awkward at first, having a key-bound PTT set me off my game.  Even at work [in my other life, before I retired] when technology advanced to hand-held PTT's with our headsets I was the old fuddy-duddy hold-out with my foot-pedal PTT.  It only made sense to me, using the foot for PTT leaves two hands free to work, or in this case, to mouse and use my weapons!

I heard my foot thump down hard on the floor a few times tonight as I automatically went for the PTT on the ground LOL.

We were all up and down those hills, in and out of valleys and caves, slaughtering gnolls, the odd murloc, some big fishes under water.  Vier tackled "Ol' Gummer".  Wow, talk about BIG!

We rode, we flew, we took boats, we took hippogryphs.  Well, I did, Vier followed along on her own flying mount.

Vier and I had just agreed that we didn't care for adventuring in these red hills when Kat came on our vent channel, scared the shit out of me when she started talking in my ear outta the blue!, and said

 "Oh, I remember this place,  it's fun questing in here!".

Vier and I looked at each other and didn't say anything.

In my headset, Vier was about a level 5 volume and Kat was level 25 and there were scary monsters attacking!  Ahhhhh!

Kat, being the experienced and good-doobie wower, stayed quiet while Vier and I went about our business.  When all the hullabaloo was over Kat started talking to us again.  Of course, I had forgotten all about her and almost jumped out of my headset again!

Vier started to explain about Alt-Tabbing out, going into vent, selecting Kat's name ... blah blah blah ... my eye's glazed over and my brain totally shut down.  Way more than I can handle at this stage of the game!

Vier had fronted me some gold so it was time for me to get my own mount!  woo hooo sooo excited!.  We had to fly-hop to Stormwind, take a few boat rides to get back to Azuremyst Isle [--sigh-- home sweet home] and find the Elekk Trainer outside the Exodar.

YaY!  I got a Purple Elekk [or is it pink?  I can't remember anymore -- she's pretty whatever colour she officially is] [What's a good name for a pink Elekk?] and we took the boats back to Stormwind.

Vier tried to wait for me to find my way to the hero's call board so I could figure out where I am supposed to be next [I was still hearthed in Lake-something].  She finally couldn't stand it anymore after I was one corner away from finding my way but, went the wrong way and got lost in the tunnels again, and again, and again!

Got to the call board, went to the Rebel Camp up in somewhere?, but no inn to hearth at.  Vier took me back to Goldshire.  Or, ... ... maybe I talked to the hippogryph master at the rebel camp and flew back there on my own?  Can't remember.

Anyway, back at Goldshire.  Found the inn, the innkeeper, set my hearthstone.

Sarge was looking for some help so Vier went to help him while I sorted my bags, organized my loot, repaired my weapons and gear, smelted my ore, fashioned some copper crap to sell.

I had a lot of weapon and gear loot in my bags from tonight. Over the holidays Vier also gave me some big higher-number-slot bags so I don't keep on running out of space to put loot.  I took a LOT of time comparing the stats on the loot gear to my toon gear.  I had a few really good scores in there, a new axe [love my axes], new gauntlets and I think a new something else, can't remember.

Gawd, that's my wow-refrain!  Can't remember!  Can't remember!  Can't remember!  It is hard to learn new things when you're cognitively impaired.

Wandered about in the forest for a bit doing some pet battles.  Blue gifted me with another new battle pet.  A Dragonkin!  I felt guilty but she said they were extras or doubles of what she already had so that made me feel better.

I think I'm only missing an Elemental, a Magic, a Humanoid and a Mechanical pet.  I have at least one of all the other types, some gazillions of repeats but I don't know, should I release them or hang on to them?

I have a rare skunk, a rare moth, and a rare something else and a few sentimental favourites.

 I have around 10 that are level 5 and up.  I keep rotating them in and out trying to level them all up at the same time.  I don't know if that's good strategy or not?

I think I should have at least one pet of each type at max level, and while it may be more work rotating them in and out and leveling them all up at the same time, it would feel even more tedious if I took three to max level and then had to back track.

[--thinking out loud--] I should make a new chart, only name and fave the rares of each species, level those ones up in rotation, and keep my eye out for the missing types.  Oh, it's aquatic, I have a rare frog I think.

I seem to vaguely recall last login battling the aquatics over and over again until I trapped me a good one to keep.  Those little guys are tough to trap, they die too quickly.  I even tried switching in pets who did poorly against the aquatics to try and get them down to trapping level without killing them.  Sadly, many frogs died in the attempts.

At one point tonight I ended up clicking on a pet battle to find out that it was a cat.  Got away from there right quick, I can't bring myself to kill cats for fun and excitement.

Don't like dark and moody places, avoid the spiders, get scared easily.  There's not really a lot in WoW that I'm good at.  So far it's fishing and pet battles I'm enjoying!

There's a bit of a rough crowd hangin' outside my inn in Goldshire.  Just put my head down and barreled through them to get inside the inn to empty my loot bags [there were a few mobs out and about in pet battle territory].

I was going to sit down and review all of my interfaces, menus and get organized when ... ...

Vier came back on Vent to say goodnight and as soon as she went away, all holy hell broke loose!

Goldshire is under attack!  

Elwynn Forest is under attack!

Ya, ya ... I know what that means. [--rolls eyes--]

I just happened to be behind the bar selling off loot and ore bars so I finished up, sat down and logged off!

I remember what happened the last time my home was under attack and I am way too tired to do the graveyard run a gazillion times.

So that's the end of that!  Get this post blogged and then I think it's time for supper.

G'nite WoWers.

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