Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Northern Stranglethorn

 We sure got a lot done today!  Did some questing in Northern Stranglethorn.  Noritam was a beast!

 We fought panthers.

We turned in quests.

Then Noritam was naughty, sitting on the railing in the Inn. Tsk tsk!

And Noritam hit level 27!  We went through the Kurzen compound quests and the Raptor section of Nesingwary's quests. Also did some bits with trolls and that island full of Water Elementals.  Noritam got some new pieces of gear and some new spells. We got well and truly lost inside the Kurzen Stockpile cave, only escaping when I remembered my labyrinth rules and hugged the wall. We made great use of the world markers again, and managed to get a lot done! Noritam only died 2 or 3 times (we really have to do something about her running off!) and that was easily resolved. Noritam really enjoyed the raptor hatchling questline. 

We played for three and a half hours and Noritam gained 3 levels in that time, so good job us!

Which is/was your favourite zone to quest in? Leave us a comment!

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  1. Will post my screenshots tomorrow - bedtime now. Love, love, love the pic of us sitting together on the railing! I just did a whack of reading about the Stranglethorn quests. I see we have tigers and something else to kill to finish the Nesingwary's quests. I also see that you were right, again, of course, about going back to the Rebel Camp to finish up the quests there before tackling any at Fort Livingston. That means murlocs and salt, tigers and and at least 2 kinds of trolls. Red-haired Bloodscalpers and Blue-haired Scullsplitters. Don't they sound like an amiable bunch!