Friday, February 28, 2014


So our RAF bonus ran out today, meaning that we don't get triple EXP anymore, nor can we summon each other.  Noritam also can't grant any more levels to Vier's toons :(

Naturally, this is the best time to start some alts!

Say hello to Saely(Noritam) and Sieben(Vier)!

Saely is a Night Elf Priest.  Mom hasn't decided on a spec for her yet. Sieben is a Night Elf Hunter, just like Vier. My goal is to make her a PvP (that's Player versus Player, Red Bear!) toon to do battlegrounds and things, so I don't have to carry two sets of gear on Vier. 

So far Saely has exclaimed "Oh my god, I'm moving so slowly!" which is a big change from when she first started Noritam!

Saely accidentally killed a nice little deer in the Night Elf starting zone.  "Oh dear!" she exclaimed. 

get it?  oh... DEAR.  DEAR... DEER.  hahahahaha.  ha. 

Saely was just thrilled when the time came to go into a cave full of spiders and do some quests.

Before leaving Shadowglen, we had to run up a giant ramp leading to the top of Aldrassil, a huge tree. 

After speaking to Tenaron, we're on our way to Dolanaar!

We did that horrible cave/den quest where you have to go find the four objects strewn about the cave.  Our Sentinel guides kept disappearing, which was extremely frustrating and made the quest take much longer than it should have. 

We finished up in Dolanaar and did some brief questing at the Oracle Glade. Saely had to go eat, so we decided to call it a day before we were sent in to Darnassus.

Sieben chose Beast Mastery as her specialization (of course) and Sealy will choose hers next session. 

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  1. Thanks for the translation Vier Deer!! You're a Dear!!!