Friday, February 28, 2014

Flying! & Zangarmarsh

Right around the time we hit the level 60 mark a few things were happening.  Molim wanted to do a certain quest or two for the rewards, I wanted to fly and we both wanted to get the heck out of this area.  There were so many bad guys at every turn.

I did take some screenshots while we were picking up quests because I think the story will be important in days to come.  My knowledge of World of Warcraft lore is shaky but I do know that Outland is important to the Draenei, my people, so I want to learn it.  No time for reading while questing so saving the text to read later is a plan.  Don't know yet if it's a good one or not!

The Path of Glory: A gruesome tale of the Draenei that stayed behind to fight the Orcs.  Most Draenei had escaped on The Exodar, which subsequently crashed on Azuremyst Isle.  This planet is in fact my ancestral homeland.

Sons of Lothar:  I'm not sure where this story fits in.  For the record though, I'll post it, in case I find further clues and want to come back and read it some day.

While I had been chatting with Warp-Scryer Kryv and Force Commander Danath Trollbane, Molim was waiting for me.  I guess she was chompin' at the bit to get going 'cause she laid out a path of markers to steer me in the right direction.  Saves us both a lot of time and me a lot of thinking!

Now it's time for a little fun!  Molim had fronted me some gold so I could purchase my Expert Riding, my Flight Master's License and my flying mount!

Here you can see one of the advantages of belonging to a high level guild.  A savings of 37 gold, 50 silver on my license that will let me fly outside of Outland.

I've always wanted a license to fly!

Then came the deliberations of which mount to get.  I had a choice between Gold, Snowy and Ebon Gryphons.  The Snowy one sounded nice, the Gold one looked sharp from the front and Molim offered her opinion that the black one was less than ideal.  Fortunately for me, Molim owns one of each so she modeled them for me.

Snowy was out right away, too bland and just a big white blob.  The gold one had a wishy washy yellow back end.  Now, the Ebon one!  Whoo eee baby! Fierce glowing red eyes and a dark orange, leopard spotted back end!  It was love a first sight!

Here are some shots from my first flight.  My Dad would have been proud!  Actually, I wonder what my father would have made of WoW?  If I had a webcam on this computer, I could have also taken a  screen shot of me grinning from ear to ear!
Ebon Gryphon & Me!

am not standing on the tower!  Flying in front of it.

Lookout!  Here we come!

Molim was AFK [away from keyboard, Red Bear.] So I parked beside her and her Flying Dinosaur that changes colour.  The colour changing is cool but, it is a very big mount that becomes overwhelmingly huge when it spreads its wings to fly!

While I was trying to swing my camera around to get a good shot of us, this Wolverine- Hellscream dude kept challenging us to a PVP duel.  [Player vs Player]  I wanted him to go away, there was no way I was gonna fight him, so after the third challenge I told him to "shoo".  He immediately started crying on my shoulder and I felt terrible so I told him I was just waiting for my friend and that I was too scared to fight him.  That seemed to mollify him so he went away.  Phew!
See how the dinosaur wings changed from purple to yellow?

While we were doing the quests for loot, we discovered that having me flying around on my own was even worse for me blundering into trouble than when I was walking on my own!  Molim brought out her Obsidian Nightwing [which we could now fly together on again w00t!] [for Red Bear, all mounts are shared account-wide, so Molim has access to all the mounts that Vier earned.  Until Molim hit level 60 though, we couldn't fly the Nightwing, only ride him on the ground.]

I think it was when we were still in the Blasted Lands when we had to do a couple of extra quests to get me leveled up high enough to go through the Dark Portal that we were ground riding the Nightwing.  Molim was carefully picking her way through the danger spots to get us to the questing areas with the least amount of fighting.  I had remarked that she was a very good sneaker.  Molim asked me to tell Dan that because he thinks she can't sneak worth a darn.  So here it is, Dan, Molim is a very good sneaker!

Off to the Zangarmarsh with the blue mushroom trees!

We were asked to collect plant parts by Lauranna Thar'well
Lauranna Thar'well to the left.

Oh no!  There's Naga in these parts!  I very much dislike the Naga.  At least now when I have to navigate to upper levels of places to talk to people, I can just hop on my Gryphon and fly down instead of doing the stairs or relying on Molim's cloud feet!  whoo hoo!

Haven't talked to many Tauren in the game.

Lethyn Moonfire warned us of the marsh-trekker Boglash.

We learned a new flight path to Telredor, Zangarmarsh
Wow, a Draenei without blue hair!

And that's what I remember of that.  I've been thinking a lot about flying since then.  How nice it will be to do daily fishing quests, easier to navigate around Stormwind.  If only I had a good excuse to go back to Azuremyst Isle so I could fly around there!

Though, now I'm thinking this putting our head down and concentrating on questing sure has been a good strategy for us.  Maybe I can earn my way to the level cap of 90 before Warlords of Draenor comes out!  Wouldn't that be something?



  1. No flying on Azuremyst Isle anyway so don't hurt yourself trying to think of a reason to go back there

  2. I love your Gryphon!!! Very nice. Thanks for the translations. I am AFK most of my life!!!