Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Hellfire Peninsula

The theme of the day seems to be "oh, this isn't going to be fun"

We saw a level 61 hunter battling the Fel Reaver. We didn't get to him in time to help, but I was able to rez him so there's my good deed for the day.

Throwing bombs on the guys at the Abyssal Ridge proved to be difficult.

Level 59!


Noritam finally got her own flying ability! I still get to act as a taxi, though. I don't really mind much, it saves time and keeps us from running into piles of mobs unintentionally.

We finished with Hellfire Peninsula (thank goodness) and moved on to Zangarmarsh. Went to go do some questing in a cave and had lots of fun trying to get out when we were done. Noritam tripped and fell back down into the depths of the cave... a few thousand times.

We quit for the night with Noritam at level 60 and Molim at level 61.

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