Monday, February 3, 2014

Questing and Raid Night!

Yesterday Noritam did some questing at the Explorer's League Digsite at the Cape of Stranglethorn. She had to kill a bunch of basilisks, zombies, shadowmaw panthers, and tigers. Then she was sent to Booty Bay to do some more quests.  Because I am a horrible, cruel person, I made her navigate Booty Bay by herself in order to practice walking on platforms and figuring out how to find NPCs in three dimensions. Then she spent some time in Stormwind doing her fishing and cooking dailies, and working on some other professions.

Some frustration was had by all when Noritam was learning, through trial and error, that if a quest refers to a specific mob or type of store, the precise name of the mob or store is relevant. She had a few moments of panic when, upon killing one type of basilisk, she did not loot the quest item she needed.  It was not until I pointed out to her that the quest referred to a different type of basilisk that she realized her mistake.

We had a similar situation with the cooking daily in Stormwind. Yesterday's was the one where you have to go around and find the sugar so Robby Flay can make cookies for the orphans. As most of us know, you have run around to inns and general stores and pick up the bags of sugar that are lying around. Noritam was making frustrated noises over Vent, so I went to look for her and offer some assistance. When I found her, she was in the building with the Guild vendor, trying to buy sugar from him. I had to explain that the phrase "general store" referred to a specific type of store, and that, for the most part, the bags of sugar would just be sitting around.

Then, after I guided her to the general store, I flew her over to the Pig and Whistle in Old Town (my favourite spot to find bags of sugar!) and she was able to finish her quest.

Noritam ended the session at level 35! Way to go Noritam!!!

Now, Sunday is Raid Night for me, so I spoke to X and asked him if it was ok if Mom listened into us on Vent. He said it was fine and that she was welcome anytime (thanks X!), so I went about trying to get set up on livestream so Mom could have some idea of what we were all talking about. After some frustration and a lot of help from Leah (thanks Leah!), I managed to get a stream going. We checked that it would work for Mom and then we were good to go!

We had a late start last night, since server time changed with the merge and that messed a few people up.  We were also missing a healer, since one of ours decided to leave the team. Eventually we ended up bullying Dan into healing and bringing in May to DPS, which she did despite being pregnant and uncomfortable (thanks May!). We blasted through Immerseus and Protectors, wiped a couple times on Norushen but ultimately got him down, and 1-shot the Sha of Pride, which is an accomplishment for us. Loot-wise, I got my Assurance of Consequence to replace the LFR version.  After upgrading, this resulted in a 2-level ilvl boost, bringing me up to 554. (In your FACE Dan!)  All in all, a successful raid night.  I don't know what Mom thought of it all, you'll have to wait for her blog post to find out.

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