Friday, February 14, 2014

Western Plaguelands

Mom got a bit overwhelmed by all her extra-curricular reading so she asked me to take charge of our WoW sessions and get her leveled up quickly.  She's not ready for dungeons, though, so we're trying to do quests as quickly as we can.

She's level 35, so I took her to Western Plaguelands since I was with her and could help her kill things quickly.

Of the Western Plaguelands she said, "Ooh this is pretty!"  I'm not sure exactly what she was talking about but whatever floats her boat I guess.

"Lurkers, that's probably some flying thing." No, it's a spider. "God dammit!'

"I'm glad there's more Zen'kiki" ... she's gonna regret saying that.

Mom hit level 36 and received the ability Rebuke.  "Oooh I reached thirty-six! Yaaay!"

"Ok don't get me into any shit 'cause I'm going to try to light a cigarette."

On our way to the lumber mill in Western Plaguelands...  "Ooh it's pretty here"

"So I gotta ride the horse, whinny at the spiders, and kill foxes."

Herding the spiders proved to be quite the challenge for poor Noritam. Sorry Mom, but you wouldn't make a very good sheepdog. Or cowboy.

There we go, we got her to level 37.

And with that, Mom's decided that she's done for the day so hopefully we'll see you all again soon!

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  1. Nope. No herding activities for me! I had a shudder run up and down my spine every time I had to ride through the horde of spiders to get on the far side of them so I could herd them back towards the mill. I was very aware that I was doing a very poor job and that you were watching. Thanks for not saying anything at the time! The only way I ever got it done was to quit trying to herd a bunch at once and just go after one at a time. -shudder-