Sunday, February 9, 2014

The Barbershop, Sugar Bags, and Olivia's Pond

We're still on Sunday, February 2, 2014 in my life of WoW.

I'm not sure where Vier went, perhaps to eat but I was on my own for awhile [with her 'toon and Simon set to "follow" me], and I was wandering around Stormwind.

I happened upon the Barbershop and remembered "Visited the Barbershop" was an achievement, so in I went with my entourage. Really, trying to move around with them in follow mode is like driving a small car that's towing a trailer, that's towing a 5th wheel!
Check out the text on the left to see what Jelinek Sharpshear has to offer!  I ended up with a new hair colour, a new "do", and had my horns curled!

Here's the first shot I have with my eyes closed, note the achievement logged in the chat window. [bottom left, Red Bear]
Did you know I had a tattoo on my forehead?  Neither did I, til I saw the above screenshot!

As I was leaving, I noticed the bare wall ... what a great place to take some screenshots with my Festival dress on!  
Notice Vier's seated nicely out of the way ... in follow mode ... while I'm busy looking in my bags for my dress and figuring out where it goes in my character map. 
I didn't notice that Vier had arrived back to controlling her 'toon while I was engrossed in changing clothes, until I looked up to take a screenshot!
When I mentioned that Simon was in my way, this is what Vier did.
Someone was feeling frisky last weekend, I realize, now that I've been typing up all of these notes and reviewing screenshots!

OK, so here's the fashion show.

Exodar Tabard off - now I remember one of the reasons I wanted one, looks like I'm only wearing underwears!
Tabard On
Purple Festival Dress --- oooooo! Looks great with the purple cloak!
OK, back to work.  I wanted to try the fishing and cooking dailies again.  Boy was I in for a shock.  The fishing daily sent me up to the top of a waterfall [Vier gave me a lift], defended by some red label guys, who backed off after Vier killed one of them and stood between me and them while I fished.  'Tis nice to have a big wig body guard!

After we turned the fishing daily in, I said I wanted to try the cooking one on my own.  How hard could it be?  As Vier blogged a few entries ago, the quest was to find some confectioner's sugar for baking cookies for orphans.  The sugar was found in general goods stores and inns.  It felt like I was bumbling around forever when Vier came back to see how I was doing.

No, you don't talk to a vendor or an inn-keeper, you just look for the sparkly sacks laying around and scoop them up!  And how was I supposed to know that?

I needed to chill so I headed off for Olivia's Pond.  Actually, I think that was also the day I worked on leveling my blacksmithing skills, bought some stuff from the Auction House for the first time, by myself! And made a Copper Heavy Axe.  Phew!  I'm really falling behind on all of my professions, except for fishing.

Here I am back at Olivia's Pond, sorting through my bags while casting, discovering a "Chestpiece of Returning Strength" with excellent armor stats!  
Check it out! I still don't have a shirt, and I must get rid off those red gauntlets, they're hideous. 
Enough screenshots for one post.


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  1. Sorry Red Bear, for the "hideous" comment! -hangs head sheepishly-