Saturday, February 22, 2014


Apparently Noritam was awake at 5am and wanted to come on WoW and do some fishing and things in Stormwind.  She goes to do then, when - uh oh! - a problem reveals itself.  "I want to go to Stormwind," she thinks, "But I'm sitting in the dust out here in Badlands! I can't possibly go do fishing dailies now! I'd better wait until Vier wakes up before I do anything in WoW."

So eventually I woke up and heard this tale of woe.  A solution to this conundrum seemed a bit obvious to me. "Why didn't you just hearth back to Stormwind?"

"Oh... duh... I didn't even think of that."

"Yeah, I don't mean to be a jerk but... yeah.... DUH!"

We learned that running headfirst into a Horde campsite is maybe not a good idea. Noritam and Molim both died a couple times.

Got nice and lost in Angor Fortress.

Did the face-punching questline, I sure had a lot of fun but Noritam sounded annoyed.

We got fed up with Badlands and returned to the Hero's Call Board in Stormwind, only to be sent on to Swamp of Sorrows! Huzzah!
 We entered the Swamp of Sorrows at level 51.

Level 52!

Levels 53 and 54! Time to move on to the Blasted Lands!

Level 55!

Showed Noritam the Dark Portal and she was very unimpressed.


57! Almost time to go through the Dark Portal!


aaand with that, Noritam is sick and tired of WoW for the day so we're gonna log.

Next episode airs Tuesday! Stay tuned!

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