Wednesday, February 19, 2014

More Eastern Plaguelands

Noritam and Molim hit level 42!

Wow, leveling sure is fast with this RAF exp boost.

Noritam decided that stopping and fishing in some floating wreckage was a good idea when we were being chased by putrid gargoyles and things like that. sigh, shaking my head

We arrived at Light's Hope Chapel with Noritam at level 42 and Molim at level 43.

Noritam reached exalted status with the guild!  "How many more do I have to go?" That's it "That's it, I'm done?! Woohoo!!!"

Nor took a more active role in planning our session today, which was nice to see. My little pally is growing up! sniffle, wipe tear

Molim hit level 44 and 45 in Tyr's Hand. Noritam hit level 44.

I know Mom took some screenshots while we were playing, so maybe if you ask very nicely she'll post them up.

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