Sunday, February 9, 2014

First Daily Quest - First Dungeon

My last two WoW sessions a week ago, just about did me in.

 I had a lot of firsts: my first Dungeon, my first Daily Quest, and my first Raid!  A week ago, after a long six hours in game, I was invited to watch a raid with Vier and her team. To recuperate, I slept almost through 24 hours in a row, ... twice!

Had a couple of craft days, just to get away from the computer.  Then another lengthy meta-gaming session.  The end result, I am way overdue to make some blog posts, I've forgotten more than I remember, and now this is in the "just get it done" realm of life.

But, ... we have screenshots!

[I don't know about you, but I love pictures.  Reminder: If you want to see the whole thing in large format, to read the writing, right-click and open in a new window]

On Saturday, February 1. 2014 we set about finishing the Nesingwary quest line. Here we're about to set to demolishing a few tigers with Simon along just to make us look a more intimidating team!

This next shot is indicative of the undercurrent of cruel that lives in Vier's heart.  I had been riding on Vier as her Obsidian Nightwing, we were taking a boat from Stormwind to I-don't-remember-where.  She landed on the sticky-outy thing on the front of the boat, morphed back to herself as a night elf, walked off the long sticky-outy thing, leaving me there.  Casually saying "Don't fall off" as she walked back onto the boat.  I promptly withdrew my hands from my mouse and keyboard, pushed my chair back and just watched.

Vier mentioned that she should find a dungeon for me to do and I told her I had one in my quest log.  Off to Dun Morogh and Exploring Gnomeregan!

Here we are about to enter the dungeon --- eek!  "Just stay behind me!" was Vier's rule for the adventure.

As an aside, Vier had mentioned, excitedly, that she had had her gear "transmorgged" since we were last together.  "Good for you!" I replied, hoping to sound enthusiastic, but in reality not having a hot clue what she was talking about.  It wasn't until I was reviewing the screenshots that I noticed that she and Simon are look-alikes!  I was later informed that "transmorgging" is making gear look different from what it really looks like.  And she chose to have hers look like Simon!  Here I am being a good doobie and staying in back, hiding behind Simon.

Hmm, ... where to next?

Permission granted to step forward for a screenshot!

Even though we didn't successfully complete the dungeon, I gained a ton of experience, some cash and some fantastic loot.
I wanted to try out a Daily Quest to see what they were all about, and here I am on my first fishing daily.  Catherine Leland sent me to Olivia's Pond to dig up some earthworms and catch 4 specific fish.  It was a lovely little quest, and I discovered a new fishing hole that I enjoy!

While we were there, Dan happened along and we started chatting about fishing.  In real life, Vier hates it when her father and I talk about our work, in WoW life, she hates it when Dan and I are talking fishing.

In-game, Vier is my mentor, my hero, my rescue-er, our mother-daughter roles fall away, we're just characters in the game.

 Which gives license to:

...  trying to set me on fire,

... affixing me with the Mask of Shame,

... doing 360's on her fishing raft and interfering with my fishing casts,

...  - generally being a high-energy, dexterous, brat!

In the shot below, the fire on the right is one I set to do some cooking.  The one in the water is the one Vier tried to set on top of me!

After Dan told me about El's Angling, I had to go check it out and then spend some quiet time back at "home".   I wanted to document some fish catches, Oily Blackmouth and Rainbow Fin Albacore, on the north coast of Ammen Vale.

You can see them in my back-pack and documented in the chat log.

Taking pictures of my mounts.
Here I am on my Purple Elekk and the Exarch's Elekk is shown on the Mount interface.

Here I am on my Exarch's Elekk and the Purple Elekk is shown on the Mount interface.

I do prefer the Purple Elekk [I still need a name for her].  The seat is more comfy looking and, well ... she's purple!  However, the Exarch's Elekk is meaner looking.  He's far more wrinkled, he has fierce glowy eyes, and his tusks and horns are darker with more accessories.

Those are the big memories I have of last Saturday.


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