Sunday, February 9, 2014

Booty Bay and The Story of the Widowed Strand Crab

Sunday, February 2, 2014:  The Nessingwary Quest line from the Rebel Camp in Northern Stranglethorn led to Explorer's League Digsite Quests which, in turn, led us to Booty Bay.

After I went "Through the Troll Hole", I gained some great loot.  I had to decide between two cloaks.

Dask's Cloak = purple, Cloak of Great Endeavors = Blue

Here I am with no cloak. I often forget that I have a tail!

With the blue Cloak. [You can see it better in my character screen than by looking at tiny me in the center of the screenshots]

and, the one I had to keep, the gorgeous Purple Cloak!


Booty Bay and The Story of the Widowed Strand Crab

Booty Bay was a nightmare and is a blur in my memory. I do remember arriving there by swimming in, as I fell in the water trying to get off something. Many times.

I have a definite lack of maneuvering skill in tight or crowded places, add 3 tiers of walk-ways, the Stranglethorn Fishing Derby going on [meaning many, many people in Booty Bay racing to turn in their catches] and we have a recipe for disaster.

Though, look at the cool mount this guy has!

Plus, the ol' arrows, exclamation points and question marks in the mini-map do not differentiate vertically.  I'm getting tired just thinking about it!

A bit of a back story.  When I was first reviewing my interfaces, logs, and what all the buttons at the bottom of the screen were for, I read about some achievements with wild animals.

The gist of it being to "pet", "love", or "hug" all of the wild animals you encounter.  It's only one of those actions, but I don't remember which one, so I macro'd all three onto buttons on my action bar.  The point being, as I'm running around Azeroth, every time I see a new wild animal, I'm to target them [left click], and "pet", "love", or "hug" them.

Except ...

If I'm distracted, disgruntled, tired, or just plain spastic, if I should mistakenly, Right Click on said innocent animal, ... and with my attack mode set to auto-attack, ... and me carrying my big shiny ax ... I may have accidentally killed a Strand Crab.

As if I didn't feel bad enough, Miss Vier had to go on and on about the poor Strand Crab, ... and his wife and children left waiting at home for Dad to return, and he never would.  ... And putting the Mask of Shame on me.  ... And telling Mrs. Strand Crab, who arrived to discover the corpse of her mate, how cruelly I had killed him.

No matter how much I "pet" "hugged" and "loved" the deceased and the widowed, Vier wouldn't let up until I was literally crying from laughing so hard.

The screenshot shows the blue crab corpse [Mr.] with grayed out name tag, the live red crab [Mrs.] with yellow name tag, the Mask of Shame on the front of my face [again], and in the chat log, the comfort I tried to provide to "Mrs." Strand Crab.

It was only today, a week later, I realized that the live "Mrs. Strand Crab", was probably the original dead crab, re-spawned. --rolls eyes --

Eventually, I was able to accept the Stranglethorn Fever Quest and get on with things.

In the background of this shot, you can see a pier leading to a boat.  There's a quest giver on the dock, leading you to take the boat over to Rachet in Kalimdor.  Perhaps one day I'll get over there.


  1. Maybe you can blame the poor crab's fate on the beautiful red gloves you have on. You usually think red is angry and mean.