Thursday, February 20, 2014

Please can we be finished with Eastern Plaguelands?


Molim and Noritam hit level 46.

Noritam got Divine Plea and Turn Evil.

We got pretty sick of Eastern Plaguelands, so when the quests there turned green for us it was the perfect excuse to move on to Badlands. When we arrived, Nortiam basically told me to fuck off so she could fish for some stupid clams or something, I don't even know. After that little interlude, I returned and we picked up some quests. Onward!

Time to punch some Billy Goats!

Noritam hit level 47 and Molim hit level 48, then Noritam got sick of WoWing for the day and decided we would stop.  Talk about progress though! I wouldn't be surprised to see us starting on Burning Crusade content by the end of the month!

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