Saturday, February 15, 2014

Dammit! I Hate Spiders

A visual tour of my day.

Level 35 to start.

So many tools to sort -- found a new thingy on my character screen.  Wish I knew what I clicked to make all the axes and such show up like that!


Level 37

Did the two dailies, fishing and cooking, by myself!  Couldn't navigate to the harbor so I jumped into the water, used my Elixir of Water Walking from my loot bag and walked over to the lobster traps!

Then I used my Elixir of Speed Swimming, hugged the sea bed, and swam back and forth to get the lobsters under the big bad shark!

Had to steal some catfish from the Stormwind Fishermen for the cooking daily so I just camped by one and fished between re-spawns of the fish barrel to steal them.

Tidied up my bags and gear, went to Olivia's Pond to fish, got bored with that so did a few Pet Battles to level up my flying pets.  Eric Davidson and his spiders are still to be conquered.  Ta Da!  Check out the chat log - Master Pet Battler!  w00t!

One last sort through the bags at the inn.  Check out the Achievement page!

The sad story of The Widowed Strand Crab happened because of this achievement.

Got a head start on this one, during the Lunar Festival when we were Turtle Boat Riding!

See, No Strand Crab on the Pest Control List!
-chuckle-  typing that last sentence reminded me of "See, No Kitty" LOL!

That's all for today, Nyx is complaining that it's bedtime and I'm keeping her awake with the lights on!


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